The Big Ray StrapThe Big Ray StrapThe Big Ray Strap
The Big Ray Strap




If you love the amazing feeling that traction gives you while hanging, then you are going to love the Big Ray strap.


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Attaching easily to any rack or pull up bar, the Spud Inc. Big Ray Strap is your most powerful tool for combatting low-back and hip pain. Used before or after your workouts, hanging upside down in the Big Ray Strap provides traction that stretches the lower back and gives you an advantageous position from which to develop your hip mobility. 


Why do we call it the Big Ray Strap? We were inspired after seeing 1,000lbs raw squatter Big Ray Williams hanging upside on bands stretched so thin he was practically on the floor. It takes a lot to support a big guy like that, so we took it upon ourselves to come up with a fix. Even if you don’t squat a grand, the Big Ray Strap will give you the comfort and support you need to recover properly.


Note: The Big Ray Strap is designed to be used with the Spud Inc. Godzilla Band. The Big Ray Strap does not come with a band.



- Made in America

- Durable Woven Nylon

- Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

- Comes with (3) 3/8” clips and (1) 15” endless loop.


Check out this video to see just how easy it is to use The Big Ray strap!

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|Erik S.Dec-06-2017 01:39

If you’re doing, or looking to do, some inverted hanging like with Big D’s low back protocol, then this thing makes it so much easier. Before, I was feeding one grey Rogue band and two purples around a barbell in the J hooks, set at about face height. That height barely allowed me to fidget my way into all of the bands, and I’d end up still touching the floor while inverted. The Big Ray strap let’s me use one single gray band, that I can simply step back into, takes a ton of stress off the band, and leaves me hanging completely off the floor. Another brilliantly designed tool by Spud.

If I could add one bit of constructive criticism, I’d say go a little bigger on the carabiners. Mine get caught a little on the webbing when feeding it through.

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