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Choppa Bar


Choppa Bar

The Choppa Bar was a surprise from the fabricator who came up with it after our initial creative sessions with the Baller and Dog Bone Tri bars. At first, it was a nutty … Read More →

Baller’s Bar


Ballers Bar

The Ballers Bar is made only for the pimpest arm and back training.  This bar takes the standard curl bar and combines it with 4 strategically placed 2 ¾” balls. The first set … Read More →

Dog Bone Tri/Bi Bar


Dog Bone Tri/Bi Bar

The Dog Bone Tri/Bi bar is another tool utilizing the 2 3/4″ balls on each end.  The bar has an 18″ slight bend towards the body when used correctly.  This offset … Read More →

Tsunami Bar CAMO Standard Grip 56″


Tsunami Bar CAMO Standard Grip 56″

The Tsunami Bar? Standard Grip Camo is 56″ long weighs 8 lbs and has a recommended loading range of 2.5 to 10 lbs per side. Standard Grip Bars have … Read More →

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