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2 Ft. Chain Add On


If you already own a Belt Squat Belt or are trying to Macgyver your setup, check out these 2ft chain lengths!

2 ft. chain with a 3/8″ Carabiner on one end and our 1/4″ Steel … Read More →

AHHH!!! Smelling Salts


Product of JujiMufu

WHAT IS AHHH!!! (???)

You know those hot sauces no sane person would dare touch but yet, still exist? The ones rated in the millions of Scoville units? That?s what AHHH!!! is … Read More →

Awesome Smelling Salts


Product of JujiMufu


What?s actually inside the bottle?

A magic genie.


Shut up. What?s inside the bottle?

Smelling salt crystals that have a super strong smell.


What do they smell like?

PAIN!… Read More →

Bar Defender


Are you tired of walking into your gym only to find your good deadlift bar sitting in the power rack? If only there was a way to lock it up from the idiots. Now there … Read More →

Bench Blokz


BenchBlokz move beyond traditional board presses by replacing the ?boards? themselves with a simple, portable, all-in-one unit?compatible with most standard barbells. So, rather than dragging 2×4?s to the gym and seeking out a volunteer board … Read More →



Heavy duty carbiners that can be used for various activities inside and outside the weight room.

Available in 3 select sizes.… Read More →

Croc Lock Collar (pair)


Simply put, we think that this is the best collar your money can buy.

*Patent Pending

This collar is going to change the game. Initial quantities are limited.

We wish someone would’ve thought of this … Read More →

Econo Pulley


The same 2.5 swivel-Eye Pulley that is included in our Lat and Low pulley kits.

Sold Individually… Read More →

Endless Loop


The same heavy duty endless loops we use from hanging our hanging ab straps to supporting over 300 lbs of body weight with our Big Ray Strap, these loops can be utilized for various training … Read More →

EZ Loader with Looper Strap (PAIR)


The EZ Loader Chain Loading System is the forerunner of our Looper Strap system. In the ye Ole grand days of our powerlifting careers we began using chains espoused by Westside’s Louie Simmons. We were … Read More →

Heavy Hangers


Made in the USA, heavy duty, accommodating resistance device. Introducing the trademarked “Heavy Hanger”. This device has been designed to attach resistance bands and or chains etc to a barbell. Best piece of exercise equipment … Read More →

Highland Glory (Nose Tork)

The newest feature from Zone designed specifically for Highland Games athletes!
  • Requires a 12.5ml activation
  • Capacity: 150cc +
  • Intensity: Advanced
  • Tribute to heavy Scottish athletics
  • Very high potency
  • Unlimited storage life
  • Travel/ship anywhere in
Read More →

Nylon Coated Cable


You asked and we listened! Check out our NEW nylon coated cable we now offer individually and also is included in our lat and low pulley kits.

6?3? long, ?” in diameter

Sold Individually

Available … Read More →

Old School Leather Wrist Straps (Oly) – Black


The Spud Inc. Leather Olympic Wrist Straps are a throwback to the old-school straps of the past.

Easy on & easy off if you have to bail on a Clean and Jerk or a Snatch.

Read More →

Red Carabiner


A light duty carabiner, great for attaching chains or bands to barbells.

6″ x 3″… Read More →

Rope Saver Anchor


Even high-quality, expensive ropes break down after repeated contact with metal racks and poles. Let the Spud Inc. Rope Saver Anchor take the beating instead by using the attached loops to connect your rope to … Read More →

Rubber Coated Steel Handle


Has one of your friends walked off with the handles from your pair of traveling farmer handles? Has your dog decided they would make a good chew toy and you don’t want to have to … Read More →

The Bench Cover


The Bench Cover 2.0 is here! We kept the same stretchy and grippy material for this cover but reinforced the shoulder area with a much more durable and grippy longer lasting surface. The Bench Cover … Read More →

The Original Ab Mat


The ?Original? AbMat?. Still made with the highest quality that thousands have come to love and expect, the Original AbMat? is essential for any core development program. The Original AbMat? is an abdominal exerciser and

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Thompson Fat Mat


This Limited edition FAT MAT is identical to a standard AbMat? except the width is substantially larger to fit perfectly onto one of Donnie Thompson?s FAT PAD bench cushions. Many powerlifters have used AbMats to … Read More →

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