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Comfort Grip 30″ Rope


The Comfort Grip 30″ Rope is made from a flexible easy to grip and comfortable rubber that allows for a multitude of grip placements and uses with selectorized equipment, chains, bands, and plates. Out of … Read More →

Comfort Grip Multi-Handle w/ Two Eyelets


The 4″ Multi-Comfort Grip Handle w/ Two Eyelets is a very durable and versatile accessory tool that may be used with selectorized equipment, chains, bands, ropes, sled straps, or hung in pairs to perform chins, … Read More →

Comfort Grip Pull-up Set


The Comfort Grip Pull-Up Set gives you complete control setting up your pull-up move. You may set the grips wide, narrow, or anywhere in between. You may secure your Tsunami Bar in an appropriate location … Read More →

Comfort Grip T-Sleeve Attachment


Use this sleeve to attach different handles to a bar. Great for back workouts. Works with Tsunami Bars? and all Olympic Bars.… Read More →

Comfort Grip? Tricep Ladder

The Comfort Grip Triceps Ladder is made with an ultra durable 1″ nylon web strap sewn to provide two 15″ sides from the connector loop to the bottom hook. The upper hooks for grip placement
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Comfort Grip? Wrist Roller 2″ Diameter


Great for forearms and hands. Soft grip makes this a better option. Much harder than the 1 1/2″ model.… Read More →

Croc Lock Collar (pair)


Simply put, we think that this is the best collar your money can buy.

*Patent Pending

This collar is going to change the game. Initial quantities are limited.

We wish someone would’ve thought of this … Read More →

Safety Clips (pair)


Sold as a pair these are replacement clips for the Level 1, 3 and 5 Tsunami Bars.… Read More →

Swing Balance 1/2# Soft Weight (PAIR)


Swing Balance? Soft Weights can be attached to the 47 1/2″ and 63″ Multi-Stiks to increase the total weight and action of the Stiks. Each Soft Weight weighs 1/2 lb. and can be attached and … Read More →

Tsunami Bar 32″ Multi


The list of uses for the Tsunami Bar? 32″ Multi is virtually endless. Made from highly durable rubber using Tsunami Bar? technology this accessory can do it all. Whether it is attached to a selectorized … Read More →

Tsunami Bar 32″ Multi-LIGHT


The Tsunami Bar? 32″ Multi-LIGHT is a highly useful accessory tool, but it provides MORE “Tsunami” flex under lighter loads so that users working with 140-lbs and lighter on a triceps pushdown for example will … Read More →

Tsunami Bar Ab Roller


The top bar on the CG Ab Roller employs Tsunami Bar “flex” technology which provides the most flex toward the outer ends of the bar to virtually no flex in tight near the center. As … Read More →

Tsunami Bar Elbow/Shoulder Trainer


The Tsunami Bar? Elbow/Shoulder Trainer is a unique training device that provides an unmatched eccentric phase training effect to the flexors and extensors surrounding the elbow utilizing time tested motions such as internal/external rotation and … Read More →

Tsunami Bar S-HOOKS


The Tsunami S Hooks when added to a Tsunami Bar create another dimention to stabilization recruitment. Add an “S” Hook to each end of a Tsunami Bar and then hang a Kettlebell or weight plate … Read More →

Tsunami Bar Strap Easy


The Strap-Easy is constructed with a softer inner layer that may contact the surface of the Tsunami Bar’s vinyl label and not damage it while performing various exercises such as shrugs, curls, upright rows, horizontal … Read More →

Tsunami Comfort Grip Tsunami Bar Pro-Style Conversion Kit


The Comfort Grip Tsunami Bars Pro-Style Conversion Kit may convert any Tsunami Lat Bar, Multi Bar, or Multi Light Bar into a Pro-Style (neutral) Grip. In just seconds the user can slip the Comfort Grip

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Tsunami Speed Sticks® Flexible Hand Weights (1 Pair)


Speed Stick products are specifically designed to enhance speed. These flexible hand weights are 14″ long and have foam grips. They can be used while running to train correct and effective arm movement.


Specs:… Read More →

Tsunami Swing Balance Multi Stik 47 1/2″


The Swing Balance? Multi Stiks are excellent tools for improving your golf game and they’re small enough to fit in your golf bag. Weighing only 2 lbs, they are perfect for kids of all ages … Read More →

Tsunami Swing Balance Multi Stik Plus 63″


The Swing Balance? Multi Stiks are excellent tools for improving your golf game. Weighing only 2.5 lbs, they are perfect for kids of all ages and adults like it for ease of taking on the … Read More →

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