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Gateway 2-ply


Our 1-ply Gateway briefs are perfect for anyone looking to try out gear, or use it to remain healthy during a heavy training cycle.

The new 2-ply Gateway briefs are more like regular gangster briefs. … Read More →

Gateway Briefs 1-ply


Whether you?re just entering the world of geared powerlifting, or you?re a pro who needs a milder set of briefs for your lighter squat and deadlift days, the Spud Inc. Gateway Briefs are the answer.… Read More →

PSO-Friendly Soft Belt


The Pso-Friendly belt is the perfect softie belt for any kind of lifting where you need a little bit of back support but you don’t want the bulk of a traditional lifting belt. We were … Read More →

Squat Buddy


Providing compression around your hips, the one-of-a-kind Spud Inc. Squat Buddy allows you to reach depth comfortably while keeping your joints safe and giving you extra power out of the hole.


From novice to … Read More →

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