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Monolift Safety Straps (PAIR)


No monolift is complete without a pair of Spud Inc. Mono Safety Straps. Your lifters can take their PR’s safely, knowing that the Mono Safety Straps can catch over 1,000lbs of dropped weight. These straps … Read More →

Rack Savers (Pair)


Keep your rack in pristine condition with the Spud Inc. Rack Savers. Looping around any power rack, the Rack Savers provides a place for chains to be attached so they won’t scratch or dent the … Read More →

Suspension Rack Trainer


A good suspension strap can be the most versatile training tool in your gym ? from Superman ab fall outs, suspended push ups, rows, and more, there?s almost nothing you can?t do with one. But … Read More →

Suspension Straps (PAIR)


The Spud Inc. Suspension Straps are the industry-standard in rack safety. Looping over any rack or monolift, the Spud Inc. Suspension Straps will catch well over 1,000lbs of dropped weight as well as enable a … Read More →

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