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Olympic Lifting

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Murph’s Front Squat Strap (Murph Straps)


Murph’s Front Squat Strap (Murph Straps)

No one loves to do front squats typically, because you can’t get into the rack position without a lot of pain.  Sure you can cross your arms across your … Read More →

Olympic Lifting Wrist Strap (PAIRS)


Olympic Lifting Wrist Strap

The Spud Inc. Olympic Lifting Wrist Straps provide all the strength and security of traditional lifting straps but are easy to quickly fasten around the bar so you’re not out of … Read More →

Olympic Belt


Olympic Belt

The Spud Inc. Olympic Belt just made you Weightlifting better!

With it’s infinitely adjustable velcro attachment system you will get a perfect fit every time.

And, it’s the most comfortable and supportive Olympic … Read More →

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