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Bowtie Team Sports Pack


Bowtie Team Sports Pack

Are you looking to equip your sports team, fellow coworkers, or buddies with the Spud, Inc Bowtie? Look no further than the Bowtie Pack that includes 5 Formal or Casual Bowties … Read More →

Bowtie Casual


Bowtie Casual

The Bowtie by Spud Inc. is the answer to maintaining superior posture in and out of the gym. By compressing the shoulders and lats, the Bowtie trains proper back positioning while lifting, negates … Read More →

Bowtie Tail


Bowtie Tail

If you are excited to get your new Bowtie but can’t figure out how you can get it on by yourself with your broke shoulders think no further, because we have the solution. … Read More →

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