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Deluxe Upper Body Strap


The Deluxe Upper Body Sled Strap is another upgrade of the best selling Upper Body Sled Strap made famous by Spud, Inc. Sometimes, a person just wants a handle on their strap and we did … Read More →

Econo Sled Strap


The econo sled strap is perfect for light duty sled work or even dragging the prowler. If you want an easy way to hook up most any sled then this is the strap you need. … Read More →

Lower Body Sled Strap


Get a little more out of your sled work with the Spud Inc. Lower Body Sled Strap. Loop the Lower Body Sled Strap around your ankles to uniquely target your glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors … Read More →



Prowlers and wheelbarrows have been standard in conditioning and strength training for years, but they can get a little too bulky to fit in your garage. So, we came up with an alternative.

The Spud … Read More →

Sled Attachment Strap


Traditional cables and chains take up valuable space in your gym, are difficult to attach and remove from your sled, and wear out over time. The Spud Inc. Sled Attachment Strap is lightweight, can fit … Read More →

Sled Pulling Belt


Dragging a sled is punishment enough, so why use a thick belt that restricts your breathing and bites into your hips? The Spud Inc. Sled Pulling Belt is built from strong but soft webbing that?s … Read More →

Sled Strap Package


If you want to take your training and conditioning to the next level then you need the right tools to do it. If you already have a sled, but need attachments, then this package is … Read More →

Speed Pack


** We will email you once you place your order to verify which style and size of Belt and Track Harness that you would like in your package!

Speed Pack: Everything you need to up … Read More →

Tsunami Bar CAMO Standard Grip 56″


The Tsunami Bar? Standard Grip Camo is 56″ long weighs 8 lbs and has a recommended loading range of 2.5 to 10 lbs per side. Standard Grip Bars have a smaller 1.25″ diameter grip and … Read More →

Upper Body Sled Strap


Turn your sled drags into full-body workouts. The Spud Inc. Upper Body Sled Strap enables you to perform dozens of upper body exercises using only your sled. Upright rows, rear delt raises, tricep extensions, bicep … Read More →

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