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The swing set straps are an awesome addition to any gym that loves finding ways to train and push themselves with challenging new exercises. If you want a yoke, but don't have the space to store it, than your problem is solved. These straps can turn any r


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Product SKU: SPUD851
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The Spud Inc. Swing Set Straps turn any regular or specialty bar into a yoke that won’t take up space in your home gym. Designed to be even more challenging than a traditional yoke, the swinging weights will test your stabilizer muscles like never before. And with a maximum capacity of 800 lbs, you won’t ever need a traditional yoke to get your strongman training in.


Easily carried in a gym bag, the Swing Set Straps can also be used for a variety of exercises and variations – acting as weight releasers on the squat, adding an extra challenge to the overhead press or serving as chain holders for your bench press. No matter how you like to train, you’ll find something new with the Swing Set Straps.


WARNING: The first use of the Swing Set Straps may induce a walk similar to a late Saturday stumble, so watch yourself.


Comes with two 72”x2” straps.



- Made in America

- 72”x2” Straps

- Only 5 lbs

- Maximum Weight Capacity: 800lbs


Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 72 inches
Width: 2 inches
|Randy RueppelSep-07-2018 21:57

The Swing Set Straps work great! They are reasonably priced, they have that great Spud Inc quality and because they swing like they do they add a lot to my training!

|HalAug-07-2018 14:20

Congrats to Spud Inc for developing the world's first portable/poor-man's power rack! It may not do EVERYTHING a power rack will, but it doesn't cost $900 and take up half my basement, either. Plus, I can use ANY bar with it (I have a few super-fun homemade ones in addition to my B&R). I purchased it specifically for safely doing heavy partials and supports (like John Wood's excellent Bone Strength Project), but I envision using it for all kinds of fun things. In the lowest loops, I can do floor press lockouts. In the highest loops, it puts the bar at about mouth level (I'm about 5'10") for partial overhead presses. Second loop from the top is perfect for heavy squat supports (or, yes, yoke walks). Stacking mats under the plates will give me even more adjustment range. These things are going to add a whole new dimension to my training. I will be purchasing more stuff from Spud Inc. Brilliant folks work there.

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