Can You Smell What The Rock is Cooking? Well, No!

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September 19, 2018


Activations with band and boomstick


6 laps sled. This is the first training I have done since having minor sinus surgery last Wednesday.  It was an elective surgery to trim excess tissue in the passages that have added to my numerous yearly sinus infections. After my last almost three-week bout, my ENT took a look and suggested this surgery.  I have the normal deviated septum like a lot of people and asked about that. She said she could but that wouldn’t help with much.  She is also my cancer check-up ENT but even with that, after saying I didn't need the septum, it was pretty much a go. My only issue with the whole thing is the anesthesia.  I dislike it A LOT.  It takes a while to really get it out of my system no matter what the doctors say.  It agitates me for usually a week and this one was no exception.  I am jerk city.


Pain wise there really wasn't that much. In fact, I needed no pain medication coming out of it (normally it is 2 to 3 days nonstop then ween off) and the gauze they use now dissolves so no yanky.  Mostly, I just felt like I had a head cold inflammation. Now, you can't blow your nose for a week which turned out to be the real bastard.


I wear a cpap at night. Normally I use the nasal mask but with nasal surgery that becomes a no-go. I had a full mask that was given to me several weeks ago after a death in the family.  It is one of those situations that happens.  I did not think about the mask until it was almost surgery time and there it was.  Now, I have not worn one like this since the first cpap in 2004 and I hated it then and would not use the cpap until I found the nasal mask.   The first night proved again my hatred for it.  Immediately, my jaw began to hurt and the bridge of nose felt like someone sawing at it slowly with a butter knife.  That and having to sleep in my chair added to the discomfort.  I know I signed up for this but it is magical to let it out and whine anyhow.


I slept in the chair from Wednesday to Sunday. At the house I had to have a gauze tray taped under my nose all of the time as it weeped and bleeded.  When I went to the gym, I used my bloody paper towel nonstop dabbing it in my nose as I talked to people. I apologized from time to time but for the most part no F's were given as the inflammation pressed on my cheeks and eyes.  By Monday, I thought it was going to be better but instead I slept about 2 hours, opened the gym and tried to conduct normal daily activities including some meetings.  Around 9 or 10 am, I was picking and tapping my right cheek to the point that I describe it as a terrible Stephen King novel, Cheeky. Quite surprised it did not open up with OCD pickin' away. Finally around 12pm, I let it go and headed home much to the relief to everyone who were surely traumatized mentally.


During this time, I had to rinse the passages out several times a day.  As any gross boy would do, you want to see what comes out. It is gross and noisy so I will spare you the deets here. By Monday, the bleeding was still going on, slowing but persistent out the right side. The wife asked if I was going to the Doc and I say one more day and if it continues to roll I will call her.  Monday night I also take the chance to get back in the bed with the mask. Getting back in the bed after surgery has always been hit or miss with mostly miss. When I feel like trying in all other cases, I hit the panic button after only a few minutes. The wife knows this but she is also opening so that weighs on me too.  I roll with it after a couple CBD gummies and out the Vader mask on and wouldn't you know it, a GD thunderstorm erupts. So, Amber our dog is up and down, panting, moving her bed around etc.  For some reason, maybe CBD land, I am not connecting with it and click I am off to sleep.  I wake up to no bleeding.


Wednesday and a week of not blowing my nose and no working out, I get back to it.  I see the Doc next week but got something cool going on this weekend I can't talk about yet-not really a fight club thing but maybe.


Hoping to smell what the Rock is cooking soon though.


September 10, 2018


  • 5 laps upper body sled.
  • September 9, 2018
  • 3 laps regular sled. Best time yet 18:34. Average has been 23 and some change


September 8, 2018


  • Photo shoot day for the gym and Spud line. Did some work along with the shoot requirements
  • Activations with Tim Tam and boomstick
  • Reverse Hypers 3x12
  • Rack pulls worked up to 585x3.Lots of work sets in between.


September 7, 2018


  • Activations with Tim Tam, boomstick , etc. Hung in Big Ray strap for time
  • Bench 6x12,14, 16, 18 20, 22
  • 3 laps upper body sled-lot of back, rear delts and static work both two hand and one hand


September 6, 2018


  • Some activations
  • 3 laps regular sled


September 5, 2018


3 laps sled with charger harness and used new 3 circles of hell increasing the difficulty each lap.  Put it this way, normal 3 laps is around 25 mins. Three laps with the circle equals 53 mins. Pretty turrible.


September 3, 2018


1 hour with BT, activations.  Mostly BT on front side and arms

Plate and half sled drag for 25 mins


September 2, 2108


  • Activations with boomstick and Tim Tam
  • Very light tire flip around building
  • September 1, 2018
  • Activations
  • Reverse hypers 8x10
  • Yoke walk 1/3 mile
  • Power Pole walk around building to finish


August 31, 2018


  • Activations with Tim Tam and Boomstick
  • Back work wirh wide MAG grip 8x10
  • Inverted pull  ups(easies as you know I suck at pull ups on the for reals side) 5x8
  • Bench 6 setsx10, 12, 14,16.18, 20
  • Glute Ham raise handles for push ups 6x50
  • Used new prototype 3 Circles of Hell for various finisher arm work. 6 sets each of push down, face pulls and curls


August 30, 2018


Activations and just a walk, well after a jerk took my stepmill.  Started out going to do 20 to 25 mins on the stepmill as I had some meetings and things to work on. Got on it for 5 mins and the Project Manager stops by to drop off some information on the job site.  That takes me about 5 minutes.  As I finish, I hear the what sounds like the stepmill and sure enough, this guy, who saw me get off and talking at the bottom of the stairs jumps on it.  I think WTF dude! There are two more stepmills (the really old ones) and I contemplate them and then think about this aggravating moment and decide to go outside and walk for the 25 mins which is pleasant and I listen to my books.



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