The Results are In...

The Results are In...

Eating bad, but good. Diet starting, and a tiny bit of training.

The anniversary trip to Charleston was fantastic.  We had great weather for being outside so I didn’t sweat to death.  We went to lots of cool restaurants and had several “Last Meals” before the diet.  Here are just some of the highlights that I recommend if you find yourself in Charleston, SC anytime.

Prohibition (downtown):  Great bartenders that make out of this world drinks.

Darlings (downtown):  French Fries with thick clam chowder poured over the top.

Fleet Landing:  Amazing BBQ, crab and lobster stuffed hush puppies.

Magnolia Plantation:  Lots of walking but most of it is shaded.  Really cool gardens with lots of flowers….and alligators. 

The Tavern:  Had to visit the oldest continuously operated liquor store in the US!

I am sure I am forgetting some stuff, but everything was great.

No wonder I am going on a diet right….?


Training on Monday when we got back:

Bench: 135 X 3 sets of 8, 185 X 3 sets of 5

DB Flat Bench: 3 sets of 10 with 60’s

Overhead press on squat machine: 4 rounds of 10.

Not a ton of training obviously.  I should count the 20 handoffs I gave to the guys in shirts as back work.

The bloodwork came back and it said I am part Zombie.  Not really, but close.  Just to sum it up I have some things to work on. 

Thyroid function is on the low side.

Vitamin D is way low

LDL Cholesterol is high

Liver enzymes are a a little high

Test levels are WAAY low. 

How to fix these issues:

     Some of the changes will be taking things out of my diet such as sweets, fats other than animal fat from steak, and less alcohol (normal diet stuff). I will also be adding some supplements to my diet to help such as adding cod liver oil to increase my HDL cholesterol levels, more garlic in my food to lower some LDL cholesterol levels.  Taking a testosterone booster (test levels are in the toilet). Less alcohol and processed food should help the low test also.

I officially started the Vertical diet on Monday 4/29 weighing 300 lbs on the dot.  I will keep you updated with progress (hopefully) occasionally. 


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