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The meet comes closer

  Saturday was opener day for squats.  I had not been in a  suite for a few weeks so I expected to be more rusty than I was.  Worked up to 360 Raw and put briefs on for the rest.  450  X 2, Put suit bottoms on for 540 X 1,  straps went up for what I would call the last warm up before opener at 630 X 1. It went fine and felt comfortable.  Spud said I was “approaching parallel” which means at least 2-3” high in his book.  My planned opener was around 700 so I wanted to take it a few times to be comfortable with it. The first run at it felt solid. I did it in knee sleeves to get comfortable with the weight before I added one more piece to the puzzle for my brain to get overloaded with. The second single at 700 I use a light wrap on just to get the feel for them again. I went a little below parallel and got forward with it, but still finished the weight fine. That what I normally consider a good opener…. If you can screw your form up, and still make the lift that should be a good opener. Next week I will add some tighter wraps and take something around a second attempt (750-775 ish).

Cut the workout short to go downtown with the wife for a little festival they were having on Main street.  We had some new beer, good food and met some cool new people so it was a good day.

Monday was the second planned week to touch something in my shirt.  I worked up to 375 X 1 off a 2 board and put my shirt on for 415 X 2 off a 2 board, 465 X 1 off a 1 board, and 505 X 1 to the chest.  It did not feel amazing, but I touched and it locked out O.K.  I took 505 X 2 off a 2 board after than to get use to locking out some heavier weight while being fatigued.  Rep number two did not want to lock out, but held it lock enough to kinda scoot under it enough to pass a judge probably.  Desi was running a little late so I think I only had one set left in my shirt when he came in.  He said, “man, you got done fast tonight”, and I replied well, “when your top set of the night use to be your first set in the shirt things go pretty quickly”! haha.  I did some average band push downs 4 sets of 15 and a few more sets on my weak lefty side and it was going home time. 

I get to pull an opener tonight.  I have not decided if I will pull conventional or Sumo yet.  I feel more comfortable doing conventional, but I am normally a little better at heavier weights sumo.  Bad thing is I don’t know that I am strong enough yet to make a difference either way since both are pretty bad right now! 





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