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Quick rundown of the last few weeks that flew by

Things have been pretty fast paced so not much updating my blog has happened lately.  Training is still moving along and the house is going on the market tomorrow (Friday 9/8) so we have been scrambling to make sure everything is ready.  Here is the training "highlights" of whats been happening...

8/19 Band smashing Saturday.  We used the Giant Cambered bar with a blue and light band over the plates.  I worked up to 4 and a half plates (485 lbs with that big ass bar) for a single.  It felt like it was at least around 700-750 up top.

8/21 Bench with Squat bar.  Shirted up and hit 505 X 1 off a 2 board for an ugly single. I dropped to a one board and did two more singles that were much better.  The shirt is not all that tight right now, so dropping a board actually gave me some more pop out of the bottom.  

8/23 Wednesday I just did some lazy accessory work for back and hamstrings.  Lat pull downs X 4 sets of 10, leg curls 4 sets of 15,  band around knees abductor work for 3 sets of 20.

8/26 Squat Deload:  Duffalo bar for 3 sets of 3 with 325 just to keep the blood moving, but recover a bit from the previous band smash Saturday.  Belt squats worked up to 4 plates a side on the pit shark for 3 sets of 10.  Rolling with the X wife and then lots of work in the garage/yard to get it cleaned up looking nice.

8/28 Bench:  I had a lot of stuff to do at the house and just wanted to get something quick in but still have some decent weight in my hands.....  Worked up to 315 and then added chains.  I worked up to 3.5 chains a side for a single off 2 foam pads.  

9/2 Suit work.  It is about that time again.  Time to get in the suit to see where I am at.  I still suck....that's where I am at. haha.  I worked up to 737 in knee wraps for a terrible single.  Everything felt off about it.  I cut it about 2-3 Inches high.  I took it again and it went much better.  

Sumo deads in briefs.  Not pulled in a long time so I wanted to see where I was at since I was already going to be smashed from squats.  Pulled 555 X 1 ugly single with the weight on 2" blocks.  That is about the worst my pull has been since I was a teenager I think. It can only go up from here haha. 

It sounds weird, but it is hard to get up for/respect a weight that use to be a warm up weight for me in briefs, that now is hard for me even in a suit.  It is what it is, and that is where I am right now, so I just have to deal with it until I get stronger.

9/4 Birthday bench'en:  Bench in shirt starting at 455 X 2 off a 2 board, 495 X 1 off a 1 board, 545 X 2 sets of 1 off a 1 board.  These were ugly and very slow to lockout.  I took a third try to try to press faster to cheat the lockout, but I missed at the top.  My left side is lagging behind.  It normally does for a while when I have not been using heavy weights.  My left pec is not as strong as the right still from it ripping off a few years back.  Looks like I will be doing some one arm work (like I should have been doing all along) to bring it up.  

Band pushdowns with green band: 4 sets of 12 (2 extra sets of 8-10 with 'ol lefty arm so it doesn't suck as bad.

9/6 Slow light deads:  I have not pulled in a long while so everything feels heavy and terrible.  I decided to start back doing speed pulls so I alternated sumo and conv pulls with 315.  3 sets of 2 each and I was done.

Monday was labor day and my birthday so had a shorter day of work.  I got to go home and vacuum the cob webs and dirt out of the garage, rake the pine straw out of the yard so I can cut the grass.  It was an exciting day!  haha I kid, but it was productive.  

My wife got mad at me a little because we had talked about getting some nice stuffed pork chops for dinner on my birthday, but I totally forgot because I was excited about all the cleaning I got to do. Normally once I am home and working on a project I am not leaving the house again to go out and eat or do anything really...  She knew the pork chops were not happening, but had to try so she said "what are we going to have for dinner"?  I proudly proclaim that we have hot dogs I can grill.  She is not a huge fan of hot dogs, but I could eat them every day of the week.  " You are not just having hot dogs for your birthday dinner" is what I got back.  I said "I will take a rain check on the fancy dinner " and went back out side to start the grill and finish cleaning the garage.  I guess I owe here a nice dinner in the near future, but I enjoyed my hotdogs.

Hot dogs and cookies for birthday dinner is a win in my book!  


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