Are we going to fight or...??????

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Are we going to fight or...??????

Quick check in to see if I have a knee injury or not. The jury seems to think that I do not but the verdict has not been issued yet.

I am married to my husband and thusly we have a similar and very bizarre sense of humor.  This blog is going to be all about my knee and the great question of “is it injured” or “is it not injured”.  For some strange reason this made me think of the scene in “22 Jump Street” when Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Mercedes (Jillian Bell) are fighting but they both get confused because they can’t decide if they are fighting or if they are about to get busy in another way.  That is way off topic but it gives you a small glimpse into how our brains work.




This has been a rough few days.  The weekend was nothing but eating to try to make ourselves feel better, sleeping to try to make ourselves feel better and a bit of drinking for the same reason. Really the only distraction was Idris Elba in “The Dark Tower”, he is to handsome to not be a worthwhile distraction.  On Sunday night we were headed to bed and I think I was getting the Advil down off the shelf when I put my weight on my left leg and felt a small pop in my knee.  And then it started to hurt, nothing major, maybe a 5 on a scale of 1 – 10.  It hurt when I put weight on that leg but after a few steps it subsided.  The next morning, I woke up to the same thing.


I have never had any kind of injury before so all of this is new and I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling.  All I knew was that something felt off but it didn’t feel terribly off.


Monday was supposed to be a high volume squat day but due to the fact that my knee was feeling stupid I decided to forgo training and pull the sled instead. Our sleds weight about 50 lbs. and I put a 25 lb. plate on it and pulled for 3 miles.  The theory here being – if it doesn’t hurt then nothing is wrong, AND if it’s a bad idea I will know in the morning and just not do that again, AND I can’t just do nothing so here we go let’s see how it works out.  It worked out fine.  I did about 1 hour of activations afterwards and the pain was down some and I felt fairly self-righteous.


Today (Tuesday) my knee felt much better but I still wasn’t feeling training.  I guess with the stress I just can’t focus on real training so I decided to make this week a slammin’ cardio week with just prowler and sled and we can start over with my volume training starting next week.  So today I did 3 laps with the prowler (1 mile).  I did it fairly quickly by just pushing for 50 steps at a time, resting just long enough to be able to go again (about 20 seconds) and pushing again.  My knee only hurt when I was finished with a push and took that first weight bearing step, then it was fine.  See, no injury here!!


Circle back around to the “22 Jump Street” reference “Are we going to fight or F*ck?” but instead it is my brain saying “Am I injured or am I NOT injured”.  I am leaning toward the NOT injured.  It feels like either trash or a small tear under my knee cap causing the irritation and if that’s the case then all this work will be good for it.  I am not just planning to pound the cardio, I am also doing lots of activations including wrapping my knee with a mummy band and doing some body tempering at the same time.  I am hoping the rush of blood caused by the mummy band and the smashing of the body tempering will push a ton of fresh blood through the area and carry away any bad juju that might be trapped.  Anything is possible.


I get most of my rehab advice from my husband and his philosophy is work it until it either feels better or falls off.  If it feels better, you are good to go.  If it falls off, you just get a new one.  I here they may be taking bets in Vegas but I am not sure which way the wind is blowing on that one…!


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