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The original BandBell Bar designed to keep bands on the Bar – no matter what!

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The original BandBell Bar designed to keep bands on the Bar – no matter what!

Great for high-energy, functional activities like CrossFit, military and agility training.

For Physical Therapy and Rehab clinics, the Bamboo Bar generates the perfect amount of Oscillating Kinetic Energy for post-op & accident/injury patients.

It teaches you perfect form! It makes perfect form happen.


-    Increases blood flow and recovery time to muscles and joints.

-    Injury prevention (Prehab) is a key element in utilizing this Bar.

-    Requires that you use good form.

-    Really works deep into the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder.

-    Helps with joint restoration and promotes healthier tissue


The original BandBell Bar, nicknamed the “Bamboo Bar”, is actually made from hardened ash wood with a composite resin center section scientifically engineered for maximum flexibility and durability. It is optimized to conduct OKE from weighted bands directly to the shoulders, elbows, biceps and lower back to enhance muscle stabilization that promotes healthier joint function. The horizontal Safety-Slots on each end of the Bar help to keep bands firmly in place during high-energy exercises like biceps curls, rear delt pulls and seated good mornings

Length: 80"

Weight: 6 lbs.

Dowel Diameter: 3"

Slot Length: 10"

Bar Diameter: 1.5"

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