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Pro Series Strongman Belt (5″ Width)


Pro Series Strongman Belt

The Pro Series Belt is the biggest and most supportive Spud, Inc. belt made to date! If you are looking for rock solid support for a monster deadlift, squat, or even … Read More →

The Lock Down Belt (3-Ply)


The Lock Down Belt

The toughest belt for your heaviest lifts, Spud’s unique 3-Ply woven nylon combined with a Velcro strap moves with your body while providing all the support of stiff leather. The Lock … Read More →

Women’s Deadlift Belt 3-ply


Women’s Deadlift Belt 3-ply

The Spud Inc. Women’s Deadlift Belt 3 Ply is just as good as the Men’s version, only better.

The Spud Inc. Women’s 3-ply Deadlift Belt is 3″ wide to avoid pinching … Read More →

Women’s Pro Series Belt 2-ply


Women’s Pro Series Belt 2-ply

The Spud Inc. Women’s Pro Series belt will quickly be your favorite for Powerlifting, Strongman or anything else you do in the gym.

Just like the Men’s Pro Series Belt, … Read More →

Women’s Pro Series Belt 3-ply


Women’s Pro Series Belt 3-ply

Spud Inc.’s Pro Series Belt is far more flexible than a traditional weightlifting belt, with soft but sturdy 2-ply or 3-ply material that protects without restricting the athlete. An easy-adjust … Read More →

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