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Strength Training

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Long Abdominal Strap


Long Abdominal Strap

Your grip shouldn’t be the limiting factor when training your abs. The Spud Inc. Long Ab Strap loops around your forearms, creating more stability so you can handle heavier weights while taking … Read More →

The “40” Utility Strap


The “40” Utility Strap

The PJ ‘n the “40” strap was a happy accident. Spud put in an order for a 40″ cable but instead got this 40″ strap with handles on each end like … Read More →

Tortilla Accessory Rope


Tortilla Accessory Rope

The Tortilla Accessory Rope is a unique multi use product that mixes forearm rope blasting training encased with soft tubing material with open loops sewn on the ends to expand the number … Read More →

EZ Loader with Looper Strap (PAIR)


EZ Loader with Looper Strap

The EZ Loader Chain Loading System is the forerunner of our Looper Strap system. In the ye Ole grand days of our powerlifting careers we began using chains espoused by … Read More →

The Looper Straps (PAIR)


The Looper Straps

Serious athletes know the strength that adding chains to your bench or squat will build. The Spud Inc. Looper Straps are designed for exactly that purpose, easily wrapping around any traditional or … Read More →

The Basic Home Gym Package


The Basic Home Gym Package

The Basic Home gym package includes: 1 Triceps lat Pulley, 1 Dip Belt, 1 pair of suspension straps, and 1 pair of stump straps.

If you are starting to outfit … Read More →

Swing Set Straps (PAIR)


Swing Set Straps (PAIR)

The Spud Inc. Swing Set Straps turn any regular or specialty bar into a yoke that won’t take up space in your home gym. Designed to be even more challenging than … Read More →

Econo Low Pulley System


Econo Low Pulley System

NOTE: This is not a standalone product. The Econo Low Pulley System is designed only for use with the Econo Triceps and Lat Pulley System.

The most versatile piece of equipment … Read More →

Strongman Harness


Strongman Harness

The Spud Inc. Strongman Harness is built from the toughest material available to pull the heaviest cars, trucks and planes (pics or it didn’t happen). With a lower pulling angle than most harnesses, … Read More →

Pro Series Strongman Belt (5″ Width)


Pro Series Strongman Belt

The Pro Series Belt is the biggest and most supportive Spud, Inc. belt made to date! If you are looking for rock solid support for a monster deadlift, squat, or even … Read More →

Utility Strap


Utility Strap

The Spud, Inc. Utility Strap is one of those handles that has almost limitless possibilities as to how you can use it. Made with heavy duty woven nylon and (2) rubber coated steel … Read More →

Traveling Farmers Walks (PAIR)


Traveling Farmers Walks

Train the farmer’s walk without buying expensive and space-inefficient handles. The Spud Inc. Traveling Farmer Walk Handlers are perfect for strongmen training at home, turning any 45lb or 100lb plate into a … Read More →

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