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Heavyweight Kettlestrap


Now you have no excuse to not be doing kettlebell swings even if your gym doesn’t have kettlebells. This easy to use kettlebell strap can be loaded from 5 to 175 pounds with any standard Olympic plate (25s work best) for some heavy swings. Smash your hamstrings, glutes and back for a stronger squat and deadlift by overloading them with heavier weights than your normal kettlebells. The Heavyweight Kettle Strap is approximately 16″ long from bottom to the handle. The handle is rubber coated with a steel core that is 6″ long to tax your grip.

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Heavyweight Kettlestrap

We added 6″ to our original Kettlestrap to allow taller lifters a more comfortably perform swings.

Just like the classic Kettlestrap, load the Heavyweight with up to 175lbs in standard Olympic plates (25s work best) to perform kettlebell swings without the kettlebells.

The Heavyweight Kettlestraps are made from extremely durable woven nylon and feature 6″ steel core rubber-coated handles to tax your grip.


– Made in America

– Woven Nylon

– 18″ x 1″

– Weight Capacity: 175lbs




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