Econo Low Pulley System


The Econo triceps and lat pulley just got a whole lot more versatile! With this new low pulley added to the triceps lat pulley your exercise selection is nearly limitless.

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NOTE: This is not a standalone product. The Econo Low Pulley System is designed only for use with the Econo Triceps and Lat Pulley System.

The most versatile piece of equipment in your home gym just got better. The Spud Inc. Econo Low Pulley System attaches to the bottom of the Econo Triceps and Lay Pulley System to open up endless exercise options. From Tricep Kick Backs and Seated Rows to Leg Curls and Front Raises, you can tackle your entire workout with this one piece of gear.

The Econo Low Pulley System attaches to the Econo Tricep and Lat Pulley System on any 6′-7′ rack and can be easily tucked away when not in use. Tested for a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs and built from durable woven nylon.

The Econo Low Pulley System comes with a 6’3″ nylon coated cable, one deluxe hamstinger, one stump strap handle and one swivel pulley with 2 3/8″ spring clips.


– 1/4″ Nylon Coated Cable: 6’3″ long

– 2.5″ Swivel Eye Pulley

– Maximum Weight Capacity: 550lbs


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