Tortilla Accessory Rope


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    Tortilla Accessory Rope

    The Tortilla Accessory Rope is a unique multi use product that mixes forearm rope blasting training encased with soft tubing material with open loops sewn on the ends to expand the number of training exercises. For the rope portion we use a 4′ long 2″ diameter rope so do any of your cable or band resistance exercises such as pushdowns, face pulls, curls, back etc while working your forearm grip at the same time. The sewn end loops have a 8″ long opening with a super soft material to do any pretty much any accessory work including long ab strap pulldowns with the 8″ open loop. As always, what you can do with the training tool is up to you and your imagination.

    -Rope portion 4 feet long with a 2 inch diameter rope that is sealed in a soft material tubing.

    -The end loop openings are 8 inch long fitting any size arm for various training.

    -Comes with XL Red carabiner


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    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 13 × 3 in