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EZ Loader with Looper Strap (PAIR)


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EZ Loader with Looper Strap

The EZ Loader Chain Loading System is the forerunner of our Looper Strap system. In the ye Ole grand days of our powerlifting careers we began using chains espoused by Westside’s Louie Simmons. We were using 5/8″ chain strung through 1/4 chain that sat on the end of the bar. We dumped chain after chain which would often slip or be uneven and eventually they would not de-load on the floor defeating the purpose. The worst part was catching your fingers in the chains – Ouch! The first edition EZ-Loader resolved the loading issues making it easy to load 11 to 13 chains a side. The adjustment was still a 1/4 in chain. Along came the Looper straps which are almost as easy to load chain on but have a adjustment loop for varying heights and lifts.

Several years later we brought the EZ Loader chain system back and married it with a Looper height adjustment strap making it chain and height adjustments for different lifters on whatever lift you use it on.


* 5/8 chain slides on and off in seconds.

* No tugging or struggling to get the chain off. No pinchy fingers!

* Holds 11 plus chain per side of bar! An example is 11 chains per side roughly adds 375lb to the top end of your lift

* Loop height adjustment straps accommodating various height athletes in seconds

* Even distribution of weight on both sides-even de-load and reloading to bar.

* Looks like a medieval killing tool for murdering hundreds of extra pounds on your lifts.

* Increase maximal loading in your best leverages.


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Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2 in

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