Again, my training was rather lackluster. I am not sure why I have not been feeling it lately. Maybe the anticipation of moving into the new building and all the work we have to do has got my brain overwhelmed. But here is what I did last week.

Wednesday, September 6th

Prowler for 3 laps with no weight

Thursday, September 7th

I was supposed to bench press at 70% for 5 sets of 5. However, I woke up that morning and my collar bone felt out of whack. I sleep on my side most of the night and I think that impacts my shoulders negatively. I ended up doing 135 lbs for the 5 sets of 5 and then going to the Chiropractor. He put everything back into place but I didn’t really feel like doing any thing after that. I may have done a prowler lap.

Friday, September 8th

Another blah workout. I deadlifted 225 lbs. for 6 sets of 6. Then I leg pressed on our heavy leg press with 5 plates (2 on one side and three on the other) for 5 sets of 20 reps. I ended it with 2 laps with the prowler with 25 lbs on each arm.

Saturday, September 9th

I pulled the sled for 12 laps which equals 4 miles. I did waves with the weight: 1 lap with 25 lbs. + sled, 1 lap with 35 lbs. + sled and 1 lap with 45 lbs. + sled. So the average weight was 35 lbs. but I got in 4 laps with the heavier weight. The ultimate goal is to be able to do the 12 laps with a 45 lb. plate.

Monday, September 11th…..The Day Toads fell from the sky

Actually, no toads were harmed we just had the outer bands of Hurricane Irma blow through….OH! NO! Its Irmageddon!!!!!
My training was squats off the chains from the seated position. I worked up to 225 lbs. for 6 sets of 5 with the cambered bar. Then I did 4 rounds of lunges inside. Then ennui set in.

So, yes, Hurricane Irma has done some pretty significant and overwhelming damage in areas. Even in Columbia some lost power and a good many trees came down in the wind. But it was OFFICIALLY not the gloom and doom scenario that the news media has made it out to be for the last WEEK! If you had been watching our local news you would swear that hell itself was going to swallow us up. There has been a run on bread and milk and stores ran out of water. Everyone has been in a panic over what amounted to a good bit of rain and a lot of wind.

One of the things it has pointed out to me is how effective the media is at creating total panic and chaos. It has been amazing to watch how easy it is to sway a large population of thinking, educated and rational adults in to becoming fear mongering lunatics. I know, I know “better safe than sorry”. I get that. But there was never definitive word that we were ever going to get anything tragic, just speculation. The “spaghetti” models that the weather people threw on the screen every 45 seconds showed about 20 different paths that Irma could take and no one was ever really sure which way it would go. And yet, the media urged us to fill up our gas tanks, buy tons of water, make sure you have non-perishable food in case we lose power for 17 years, stock-up your first aid kits, get out the alcohol and run around screaming “Mayhem” at the top of your lungs. They created total panic. One weatherman even did hourly reports on facebook where he stepped outside his office and told us what the weather was outside at that particular moment – just in case we could not look out our own windows and check the weather for ourselves. After giving the all-clear last night on the news that same weather man went on to say….”we aren’t out of the woods yet folks, Hurricane Jose is just around the corner and we need to start preparing for him”. For the love of Pete…give it a rest.

Frankly, I am fed up with it. I am exhausted. I am tired of saying “lets just wait and see”. I am tired of the need to strike fear just to increase ratings and doing it all in the name of “keeping people safe”. I am even more tired of rational adults not being able to make their own judgements about what they are watching and instead just buying every crock of shit the news media is selling. There is a great (and very unsettling) book called Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday. In this book Mr. Holiday details exactly how our current news cycles are fueled by blogs in the interest of increasing click-through rates and revenue. If you watch how the current Irmageddon news coverage whipped people into a frenzy and then read this book about how/why they do it you can see pretty clearly that none of it is for the common good, but instead simply to increase revenue. The media plays us more and more each day and you have to stay ever vigilant if you don’t want to fall for their chicanery.

None of this means that I am not sympathetic for those who were touched by Irma’s wrath. I am very much. Losing power sucks. Downed trees, damaged property, flooding, fear, displacement and everything associated with being a victim of a natural disaster are devastating and hopefully we will be focusing our efforts on comforting and supporting those people who have weather the storm and now need our help. But do you know what? Most of those people who were out there pulling their hair out because the grocery store had run out of water, most of those people are doing just fine today. Their houses are like mine, a little water logged, but otherwise with no damage. I hope they realize that today. I hope they count their blessings. I hope they get out there and help the ones who might not have been so fortunate.

Rant over.

P.S.  Double points in your crown if you caught the X-Files reference.


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