The Big Move

The Big Move

The Big Move

You may have noticed that both Marc and I have been on radio (aka blog) silence since sometime in November. Honestly, we have been so overwhelmed with preparations for the big MOVE, that I hadn’t even realized that we were not keeping up with the blog.

I apologize. I mean, WE apologize.


Here is an update:

All things were a go to start moving in around November 15th…until they weren’t and we were pushed back until December 15th. And then we were pushed back again. Now, we officially shut down the old gym on Christmas Eve and begin the move on December 26th. That isn’t to say that we have been resting on our laurels. Marc has been a frenetic crazy man getting it all together. You just can’t imagine (or at least I couldn’t) all the little things that have to be done. The electricians had to come to the old gym and take down and un-wire all the fans we had put up, all the track lighting, the disco ball and the speakers. The glass people had to come and take all the mirrors off the wall so they could re-hang them at the new place. All the cardio had to come down from the mezzanine and be moved and set up at the new place. Thank the lord for all of our friends you helped and for the use of 2 forklifts. We had to get the old mats off of the floor and transport them to the new place and lay them down plus, lay down all the new matting we purchased. Blah, blah, blah….I know it is endless.


But when it is all done it will be a masterpiece. Truly. The new gym space is really gorgeous. And it is warm (a big plus for me) and it has a Big Ass Fan so it will be cool for everyone else. And we have offices. And we have granite counters (fancy shmancy).


We have documented a lot on the Spud, Inc. facebook page but here are some photos for you.

img 7740


Marc and Neal tackle the Bodymaster Squat machine to get at the mats underneath.

img 7744


Mr. F. (one of our oldest friends) drives a forklift like a BOSS!!!


The hardest task was bringing all the old cardio and ab equipment down from the mezzanine.  Each piece took 4 or 5 people and they all had to cram down 4 foot wide stairs.  It was awkward and everyone bonded just a little bit more. Pictured here from top left to bottom right are: Mike, Mad Matt, Dale, Cecilia, Spud, Ryan and Mr. F.

img 7773


Everybody still looks good after getting everything up onto the new mezzanine. Pictured from right to left are: Nick (Stevie Nicks to those of us who are close to him), his son Jay, Mad Matt, Spud, Mike, Gerald, Ryan, Cecilia, Dale and down front is Mr. F.

img 7774


Long time gym member and friend Rick took over the reigns of the Forklift.

img 7811


Everything is getting moved on pallets….better move quick before the BANG’s get gone.

img 7812

My work space is a war zone.


— end the article —

For more detail about us (Spud-Inc-Straps). Please feel free to call us 803-788-2852 or to message us visiting our Contact page and you can visit our Facebook page.

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