Susan's Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Susan’s Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Susan’s Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Its that time of year again!

It’s the HOLIDAYS!  And I am the QUEEN of gift giving.  No lie. I am the QUEEN.  Just ask Spud.  Our house is already Santa’s little workshop overflowing with presents.

I was over the moon when Lindsey (our social media manager) asked if I would write a holiday gift guide blog.  OMG!!!!! Of course, I can because gift giving is my super-power.

Here is a list of my favorite gifts this year.  Some are Spud, Inc. Products, some are products we sell and some are just random out there if you want to win give these gifts ideas.

  1. The Sand Dune Stepper: This is one of my absolute favorite new workout helpers. It is a foam block used for doing cardio.  I do lots of interval training with it where I do a minute of that and then 30 seconds of another exercise like kettlebell swings.  I also will do 45 sec on/15 sec off round for 15 or 20 minutes if I want to kick my cardio up.  If you want a cool way to sneak cardio in then you need a Sand Dune. Buy Now
  2. Swing Set Straps: What can I say but I love this product. I know it is ours, but the versatility of the Swing Set Straps make them a must have for your training bag.  We created them to be an easy way to train for the yoke, but you can also do pause squats, overhead press and any other horrible thing you can think of. Buy Now
  3. Punjammies: If you are a girl or you know a girl then these are the best. They are pajamas, but they are so pretty that I wear them as super comfortable going out britches.  Plus, the company employs women who are trying to get out of the sex trade in India, so you do something good and get some pretty pants. Buy Now
  4. Tire Carry Handles: Black Widow Training has these amazingly simple handles that you pop onto the inside of your tire and BOOM you have a tire frame carry.    Since we finally got a tire that is light enough for me to use, I have been wearing these handles out.  I also add a box to do deficit deadlifts.  If you like doing outside cardio then you need these handles.  We are trying to get them on our website so hopefully soon we will be selling them.  Until then you can go the Black Widow Training website and order directly.
  5. 1 Ply Knee Sleeves: You can’t go wrong with a good pair of knee sleeves.  Our 1 ply sleeves are not just good for your friends that train hard, but for anyone you know who needs knee support.  The pull tabs make them easy to get on and off so older folks would have no problem using them.  This holiday maybe your Grandpa with the stiff knee needs to look bad ass in our knee sleeve. Buy Now
  6. Sugarfina: This company is my go-to gift giving headquarters.  We send out Sugarfina bento boxes for our corporate gifts last year.  They have amazing alcohol flavors like whiskey gummy bears, tequila gummy bears, champagne gummy bears….pretty much they make everything and it is all so tasty. Buy Now
  7. Lalicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub in Sugar Kiss: I am a huge fan of sugar scrubs. I use them on my legs before I shave and I use them on my elbows to fight winter dryness.  I got a tub of this in my popsugar box a month ago and fell in love.  The scent is very light which I love.  I have a hard time with strong smelling products.  The sugar is course enough to really smooth out my skin and the oil keeps me from needing to use lotion.   Nordstrom has a $19 gift set with the scrub and the whipped body cream that would make a great gift for anyone. Buy Now
  8. 2” Wrist Strap: These were the first wrist straps that we made.  We did the 2” width because all the smaller sizes were not very comfortable for the big guys with super thick wrists.  In the past few years, we have sold mostly the 1.5” wrist straps that are a more standard size, but I continue to like the 2” best.  I don’t have a big thick wrist, but I find that the 2” spread the load a lot more than the smaller sizes.   So, for my money, the 2 inch wrist strap is where it is at!   Buy Now


I could go on and on but they told me this was my limit.

If you are stuck and have no clue what to buy someone in your life then email me I promise I can come up with some cool options.

Happy Merry Holidays!!!!!


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