Spud's Training for July

Spud’s Training for July

Spud’s Training for July


We got broken into at the gym on Sunday, so we were closed all day dealing with that. Monday was spent figuring out what to needed to be done so they can’t break in again.



Managed to get in a 30 min walk.



  • 2 walks totaling 30 mins
  • Training consisted of a lot of unmentionable squats with multiple pauses at several points during each rep ranging from 2 to 4 seconds. Focus was entirely on breathing. At first it was terrible feeling as I am used to bracing and holding small breaths but got better and better as I went along. After each set, I would do a activation/rpr point. As I progressed, the sets became easier while regulating the breathing.  Round 12 sets total.
  • 4 rounds of one hand swings with 106 lbs KB practicing the nasal breaths
  • Although it does not seem like much, it was quite taxing and the pump was as much as a regular session



One 30 min walk



One 10 min and One 20 min walk

  • I worked on bench pressing with multiple pauses and breathing throughout all the work. I also did super sets of pulldowns and pushdowns using the same multiple stops and pauses in weakest areas.



One 10 min walk, 1 lap prowler push, and one 10 min walk after.

  • Did more before starting the squat.  Buffalo bar with no belt. Did use a squat buddy on the heavier sets.  Goal today was to see where I was being able to breath throughout the rep no matter where you are in the lift.  I had worked on this in the past and got around 400 lbs. before my brain shut down.  I had done little practice beforehand and pretty much just worked up to this in one set while trying the breathing part. This go I had a couple of practice sessions with light weights like bar to 250 with multiple stops and holds during each set. At each pause I would breathe exclusively through the nose to elicit diaphragmatic breathing.  I plan do this week in some aspect of each major training day including all accessory work.  Took a medium wide stance and worked each weight set twice.  The normal aches and pains had moved with all the activations and were dulled. Other muscles and different parts of the hamstrings got lit up. I expected each ascending set to include all the normie pains for me. Even though I could sense them, they really were not firing off as usual.  I got to the 400 lbs.  range where I shut down before and it was smooth. I think I even paused on a couple. That was a good point to shut it down but why not try a touch more so 465 x 3 happened but not with the same smoothness of the previous set.  I was not able to gather a large breath this time either. I was able to still take small grabs of air, but my brain had had enough. I did a 375 lbs. drop set and it was better but not as good as the 400. Did another drop set with 3 plates to hold it in the hole and have mike gently push on my hips while I tried to breathe through it.   Pleased with this effort.  Activations and the previous light session pause worked made a big impact. Goal is to see how far we can take this.  Lastly, I had never had a beltless squat feel that strong.
  • Then Ben said, “You wanna pull some speed deadlifts” I didn’t, but maybe a little came out.  We did some reverse bands with total left off before the knees. Anyhow, Ben says you want the 100s and I thought fuck no but it happened anyhow. Worked up to 420 conventional for some doubles and triples. Not a great idea as my back got mad and I could not focus as well. Weird part was when I pulled it just off the ground the finished it was much easier to do so there is that and I don’t know where to put it.
  • Few sets of reverse hypers finish
  • I did some hanging upside down to open up the lower body and give my QL some movement. Did some activations I had never thought of before while upside down.  Cool to be able to get in and feel some spots differently this time.



  • 1 hour walk. Did activations at the end of each lap working my way down.
  • Bench with squat bar and chains. Worked up to a so so 7 chain off softee pad.  Worked on legs underneath so I can engage more glutes on the lifts.  Added in activations after each lift.  Worked on breathing throughout instead of holding during lift.  Had been practicing earlier in week with really light weights and pauses. The pauses were at various points including ones I try to accelerate through because I don’t feel as solid. This was super challenging to be able to pause at these junctions and try to maintain the breath.  As with the squats from yesterday, the activations and breathing changed the dynamics of the lift.  Generally, I am explosive out the gate and that carries me through most of the lift.  This time it was smoother (till the last set or two). I had a lot more rep-age to experiment with.  I think the last time I got to the 6 chain and had to quit because of the pecs lighting up and feeling like they were going to pop away.  Even before that may have gotten 7 chains.



  • Two 1O min and One 30 min walk
  • More of a accessory day with back, tri and a bit more press. All pause work with full breathing though out with average 45 sec to 1 min
  • 5 dumbbell incline press
  • 5 triceps pushdown
  • 5 dumbbell rows
  • 5 straight arm pulldown



One 30 min walk



  • One 20 min and one 10 min walk
  • Back to practicing the breathing through reps with lighter weights with multiple pauses for 2 to 5 secs per stop. 3 sets with bar, 3 sets with 95lb, 3 sets with 145. Today was not as smooth as last week but additionally I pulled the stance in to barely past shoulder width which is even more terrible.  Still sore after last week in the same place as last week or from Saturday work. Lots of activations all morning. About half-way I looked down and noticed my quads were way more pumped then usual especially the left one.  Normally, the left injured one is much smaller.  But not today, swole and veiny for about 30 minutes.
  • Reverse Hypers 4×12


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