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Hillbilly Supa Deluxe Pulley System




Hillbilly Supa Deluxe Pulley System

The Hillbilly Supa Deluxe Pulley System is the super serum solider to the top selling Econo Pulley System. Spud Inc, being the first to bring the home pulley system to the market several years before the pandemic, we always aspire to make our products better and even more long lasting then they already are. After all, everyone wants the bigger and better version. So, after much testing and perfecting, the Hillbilly Supa Deluxe Pulley System was created.

Brutally more handsome and built to defend the Universe , we added many upgrades to this one. The HSD Pulley System uses a thicker gauge steel casing with a nylon pulley. We added a more durable nylon cable with ball stopper attachment to catch it at the top. These features create a higher loading capacity while still maintaining a smooth super hero pull. It still comes with 18” load pin and short ab strap akin to the Econo Pulley Systems but that is the only resemblance here. The next addition was an adjustable nylon strap for the pulley. This strap has six adjustment points and an overall 25” length enabling the HSD Pulley to adapt to varying rack heights and most width obstacles like neutral grip pullup attachments. This eliminates most of the need for custom cables or that “just not so right feeling” while using other pulley systems.

HSD Pulley System highlights:
-Thick gauge pulley housing
-Heavy duty nylon pulley
-Nylon cable with ball stopper
-Adjustable six point pulley strap
– Spud Inc “S” carved into the steel plate housing.(Yes, that is a highlight)

Comes in Spud Inc yellow or black. Now, you can be Supa Deluxe!


Order yours today!

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