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Baller’s Bar


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Ballers Bar

The Ballers Bar is made only for the pimpest arm and back training.  This bar takes the standard curl bar and combines it with 4 strategically placed 2 ¾” balls. The first set is right at the first bend of a regular curl bar and the 2nd set is at the ends. Unlike a regular curl bar, the first bend on the bar is much  harder for bigger guys and people with minimal supination in the biceps/shoulder mobility to grip and use.  The first set allows for a easier and more comfortable grip by cupping the bar with the palm creating a different training angle for bicep training. The end set allow for a much wider curl around 36”. The straight parts of the bar are also longer then a conventional curl bar allowing for more training positions and again highlighting the more manageable grips. They have the same angle as a regular curl bar in most instances. With the additional width of the bar at 38” total and the spacing allows for fabulous tricep and back training as well.  At at super light 5.9lb, the bar is much easier to handle and attach to a much larger number of pulley and cable machines. Ball out with the Baller’s Bar.


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Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 4.25 × 3 in

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