Choppa Bar


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Choppa Bar

The Choppa Bar was a surprise from the fabricator who came up with it after our initial creative sessions with the Baller and Dog Bone Tri bars. At first, it was a nutty idea but as we tested it out, it became a gym favorite with the multiple grip training positions-one neutral(one regular, one overhand and one underhand), one straight and the now the standard 2 ¾” ball grip at the end for forearm/outside/neutral training. It can be used for rows or lat pulls and weighs only 9lbs. This makes it easy for attaching and removing from your lat machine, seated row or low cable set up.

The name was easy as it looked a custom chopper motor cycle handle and hence the Choppa Bar was born.  Of course, what would this bar be if we didn’t yell the iconic “Get to the Choppa!!!   Get yo back training with the Choppa Bar!


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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 in

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