Suspension Rack Trainer


Now you can do weighted suspension work without the fear your suspension system will fail and you will end up on your face. The Suspension Rack Trainer is made with heavy duty materials made to handle big weight.

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A good suspension strap can be the most versatile training tool in your gym ? from Superman ab fall outs, suspended push ups, rows, and more, there?s almost nothing you can?t do with one. But a bad one will end with you faceplanting and putting a hole in your floor.

Thankfully, the Spud Inc. Suspension Rack Trainer is built from heavy-duty woven nylon along with rubber coated steel handles that are cleared for up to 400 lbs ? so it can hold you and whatever weight you can handle.

The Suspension Rack Trainer loops easily over the top of any rack or pull-up bar and can be adjusted from 7? to 8? long.


– Made in America

– Woven Nylon

– 7?-8?

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