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Monolift Safety Straps (PAIR) Pink and Black


Don’t be that guy that gets crushed in your garage gym because you didn’t have safety straps up. These straps will give you the peace of mind to go for the PR’s you have been scared of for years because you don’t have a spotter.

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Monolift Safety Straps (PAIR) Pink and Black

No monolift is complete without a pair of Spud Inc. Monolift Safety Straps – now available in pink and black! Your lifters can take their PR’s safely, knowing that the Monolift Safety Straps can catch over 1,000lbs of dropped weight. These straps won’t save anyone’s ego, but they will save lifters and spotters alike serious injury when things go wrong.

Note: Monolift Safety Straps are intended for use on monolifts that are securely bolted to the floor. Failure to use these straps as intended may result in bodily injury.


– Made in America

– 2-Ply Woven Nylon

– 96″x1″



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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 × 6 in

Black, Yellow

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