Dog Bone Tri/Bi Bar


The Spud, Inc. Comfy Grip Handles are a blend of a Tsunami Sports Comfort Grip Handle and super durable Spud, Inc. Straps

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The Dog Bone Tri/Bi bar is another tool utilizing the 2 3/4″ balls on each end.  The bar has an 18″ slight bend towards the body when used correctly.  This offset allows for the elbows to stay tighter to the body allowing for more muscle recruitment in our opinion, which is awesome by the way, no matter which side of the guns you are training.  It can also be used for narrower neutral grip rows.  The 2 3/4″ balls allow for a cupping grip of the hand when used this way taking pressure off the elbows and putting more emphasis on the muscle.

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Dimensions 22 × 6.5 × 3 in

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