Training and Parents Just Don't Understand

Training and Parents Just Don’t Understand

Training and Parents Just Don’t Understand

If you get that title reference, you are old but at least a little bit fun.  I talk about life grenades going off all the time. Lately, the life funk has been thicker than usual.  I am not dealing with anything specific, but sometimes the waves keep slapping you right on the beak, brah!  Well, yesterday it was my parents turn.


My wife spent the morning with her mom and her endocrinologist about her diabetes issues.  The goal was to help her Mom find better ways to deal with diabetes and sort of just plain recognize the havoc it wreaks on the body.  She has not really come to terms with it and how life threatening it can be.  She sees it more of a curse then for what it is.  Anyhow, the wife has spent extensive amount of time on diabetes and thyroid involvement. Long story short, it did not go as planned and the Doctor was not much help and reinforced the: “It’s not your fault you got diabetes.”   This was the prelude to the final act for the day.


Around five pm, I received a text from my Dad that my Mother’s neck surgery had gone well but she is in the ICU.   He went on to say that she was recovering well and would get released the next day if her blood pressure didn’t drop. Ok, how would you interpret this? Holy shit, what happened? How fast can I get there? Right? I immediately freaked out and sent Sue the text and she says: “we gotta get over there, now!   I text him and say we are on the way.   He calls me back right away and starts talking about it. I say, “what happened? ”


Two years ago, right after my cancer diagnosis, they operated on the left side of my mother’s neck to remove some plaque in the main arteries.  It was a bit tough on her and they did not quite do some things right on her recovery.  You may remember my story that she was still doped up after surgery when we saw her and immediately looked at me and said,”What is that lump on your neck?” This was from across the room and it was not that big and she did not know I had cancer.  Mom’s just know shit.


After a couple of details, Dad tells me that the surgery was planned two or three weeks ago! What?! Why didn’t anyone tell us? We would have been there when she went in and made plans in general. His answer was, “Well, usually your Mother handles all the calls” I said, ” Could you have called me earlier?”  He then gives me the hours we can visit. It is 8:30 pm before we can see her.  So, we went to eat and killed some time in the hospital parking lot. At 8:30, we went to the ICU and woke her up.  She was coherent and in a good mood. Much different than the last time.  After a bit, it comes out the doctor told her about six months ago that they were setting up the surgery.  The surgery went well and this time they cleaned out the right side of her neck.


My parents are old school and won’t tell ask for help unless it is something they absolutely can’t handle on their own.   We both were jacked on adrenaline after those initial texts and did not come down till we got home.   My parents seemed to think it was no big deal but you never know what is going to happen. My mother did throw it back on me that I did not tell them about my four surgeries or throat cancer, so I get it honestly.


She went home two days later, and we dropped by to see them. She was still in good spirits and moving around like nothing had happened. She went out to the mail box and refused to let Sue help her. The shoes are on the other feet now if you know what I mean and all those years ago when we rolled with little or no concern while they worried about us are now coming due. As I said, parents just don’t understand. Ha



  • Regular sled drag 25 mins with 5 min walk



  • Activations
  • Reverse hypers 4 pre, 4 post
  • Trap bar pulls 3 bills x3,5,7,8,10,12,15,20,
  • No cardio work



  • Activations with Tim-Tam and Boomstick
  • Speed press with small fat bar and chains 3×5-1 chain, 3×5 2 chain, 3×5 3 chains
  • Close grip with 3 pads 3×5



  • Light Activations
  • 3 laps regular sled drag. Still focused on the 20 to 25 mins daily. My body is less cranky today.



  • Body was really stove up today so spent about a hour doing Tim-tam, Boomstick and BT work
  • Reverse Hyper 4sets pre, 2 sets post

Did some squats with our new old man keep my hips in light briefs proto-types.  We used to use the Frantz Power Pants back in the day. They were lighter then briefs today and as I tell the wife, more forgiving on the fitting part. No points were earned with that comment by the way. These are even more forgiving but just enough for some support and holding your shit in. So far, testing is good, really good.  Since my hip has been pissed, I haven’t done much on it squat wise and this morning was the first time free.  Did a lot of reps: 285 8×5 reps,235x2x20 reps, 145×50 reps

  • One short lap with the light prowler and a 25lb. One full lap walk after.


— end the article —

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