Supplements to Help your Thyroid

Supplements to Help your Thyroid

Supplements to Help your Thyroid

After the gazillion blogs I have written about thyroid health, I am sure that everyone is tired of the subject.  It is just so interesting however, that I am not quite ready to give it up.


I wanted to spend  a bit of time on the supplementation end of things because there are some easy over the counter supplements you can take to help out.  Here is a list of what I take and why.

  1. Aspirin: We started out taking 1 baby aspirin a day.  I did that for about 4 months.  After my last lab work we decided that since my estrogen/progesterone ratio was better but not nearly good enough that we would increase to regular aspirin.  So now I take 250 mg in the morning and again at night (500 mg total).  But Susan you say, aspirin only comes in 325 mg doses.  Correct, I bite one in half and then bite one of the halves in half and take about ¾ of a 325 mg tablet twice a day.  What does this do?  Well, it works to combat systemic inflammation in your body.  In my case we want it to work on the inflammation caused by my excessive amount of estrogen.  I do not have an indicator yet of how this has worked because I do my next bloodwork this week, but hopefully it has helped bring down my estrogen.
  2. Sea Kelp: I get this at Whole Foods and it is inexpensive.  I take these to fortify my iodine levels.  Your thyroid is only going to work if you have adequate iodine.  We all used to be fine with iodine because they put it in the salt we use, but now everyone is using sea salt, and celtic sea salt and blah, blah, blah salt that is not fortified.  You can get iodine from your diet but I don’t eat any of the foods that provide iodine so I take this supplement to help out.  Be aware though, that you can get to much iodine and that can drive your thyroid levels up to high.  If you know from blood tests that you are hypothyroid and you want to use a supplement to increase your iodine just make sure you get blood work done frequently so you can stay on top of how it is affecting your thyroid balance.
  3. Pregnenolone: this is a great supplement that does a myriad of wonderful things. It is tasteless and odorless so we just use the raw straight powder.  You can get it in capsules also.   We take about 1 gram a day, but that dose is high.  You can take 100 mg tablets once a day and get the same results.  One of the first things you notice is that your skin look tighter and healthier, that is the BEST affect.  But, it also helps water logged tissues release the trapped water.  It also counteracts a lot of the effects of estrogen so it is good to take if you are trying to bring your overall estrogen down.
  4. Progest E: I have talked about this a lot . It is a natural progesterone supplement where micronized progesterone is mixed with vitamin e oil. You take 1-4 drops daily and rub it on your gums for best absorption.  I take it before bed to help me sleep…..I also will take a small drop during the day if I need to take a nap and want to sleep.  Other than great sleep, this also will obviously raise your levels of progesterone which we pretty much all need.
  5. Armor Thyroid: I have also talked about this.  You must have a prescription for this but  most doctors will prescribe if you ask and if your thyroid levels look low-ish.  The product is dessicated cow or pig thyroid and it gives you the correct quantity of T4 to T3 that you need. The one thing to remember about this product is that you have to always question the dose. Just because you are on it, doesn’t mean that everything will suddenly be fine.  Your doctor will start you at a small dose and if your symptoms do not abate that you may need to request a larger dose.  You should keep requesting a larger does until you can tell that your symptoms are improving.
  6. OTC Anti-estrogen: I hesitate to mention this, but because I am taking one I will.  Please do not try to take one of these products unless you have done several blood tests and really understand what it can do for you.  My estrogen is very high and it has been for a while.  I suffer from the affects of high estrogen.  On top of that, in my last bloodwork they did a test for a cancer marker that is related to estrogen.  My score for that marker showed that I was in the range to be cooking up cancer.  I thusly felt that it was in my best interest to try and bring my estrogen down as quickly as possible.  If you are interested in these products we do sell them in our store and would be happy to explain more about them and if they would be right for you in your personal situation.
  7. Vitamin D: 5,000 IU a day for anyone who is low in the vitamin is appropriate. The test is usually extra and you have to ask for it, but it is one of those essential tests.  Most people are low, and most people should supplement.  The good thing is that the pills are very small and the product is inexpensive.


That is it.  That is what I am taking without fail.  My supplementation and my dietary changes go hand in hand with the one goal of getting my thyroid back to functioning properly.  So far, it is all working.  What I like about most of these supplements is that they are inexpensive and easy to find.  You can start most all of them without going to your doctor.  None of them have serious side affects either so if you just start taking it everything should be okay.


Like with most medications, if you have an allergy to one of these then please don’t take it.  If your doctor has recommended that you not take one of these supplements then please don’t take it.  If you feel like you need your doctors advice before taking any of these, then please seek that advice.  If you have more questions or want to talk about your particular circumstance then please email me at or call 803-788-2852 and ask for Susan.


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