Rock Bladin'

Rock Bladin’

Rock Bladin’

First day back after rock blades seminar for two days.  Bit of stress the last week leading into this seminar.  It is business and people related. My coping mechanism has normally been to fly off the handle and be reactive instead of proactive. Well that part did not really change too much but it has a little bit, so I mark that as a Darwinian change as a reference idea. Yeah, I went there.


At a seminar, me and the wifey just like to focus on the learning part.  After Be Activated and the Fascial Dissection course we did back in Feb, it is hard to get lit up and super excited. This was a level 1 and 2 over the two days though. They have some really cool tools that mesh our styles. A friend and LMT took the Level 1 awhile back and enjoyed it so much, he did both again.  We were supposed to take it last time, but had some conflicts so second time around we did not want to miss the boat.


Obviously, Hurricane Michael came through and brought the rain down on us so depressey start to the show. The instructor was cool. He had a lot of info, so he punched through it over the two days.  As with most things in Columbia and in general at most of these, no one really talks to each other much. I am quite guilty as I don’t mind the yaps, but don’t really look for it either. In general, the wife and I are odd balls that most people don’t quite get.  Obviously, odd ball means we don’t follow the usual ways or reasons people go or the presumed way you are supposed to act.  We strictly come to learn for ourselves and if it’s cool we will show some peeps back at the gym. We certainly try to keep the mood lighter.  Most were there for easy CEUs. One guy said that very specifically.  He looked and acted like the stick had never been taken out of his butt. More on that later tater.


During the couple of days you work on each other to get the process down.  If you are uncomfortable with this, you may not want to go.  I have grown accustomed to this over the years. I don’t mind it but I also don’t go raising my arms all the time (you know that guy or girl who likes the attention a bit too much)  A lot of this involved taking the shirt off to get to the areas.  After Be Activated, you just peel your shit off when ya got to. So, I pulls my shirt off and I know I ain’t in great shape right now so old man titty titty bang bang is full on and that can make some a bit uncomfortable.  The first go I didn’t see all skins but more halter top action by the dudes.  The second it was all low hangin fruit for the eye to see (not that low bro!)  I look over and see stick up his butt with his shirt off looking like a jacked up peacock standing their very proud of himself taking heaving breathes. Me and the wife both agreed he was more jacked then first glance would say.   It did not help his disposition though as his face was rock hard saying I hate this sh#t.  He was definately a “I like what I like!” guy.   Don’t go a changin’.


The instructor wasn’t getting a lot of volunteers and this one a actual kinesiology taping session. I used to believe the tape was more compression action but after this class I realized it was also a movement awareness patterning.  A way you can allow your body to recognize and incorporate a stronger motor pattern. Nice way to say, get all the right parts awake and contributing to the exercises or sport.  The wife raises her hand pointing at me.  Up I go then. We go through the testing and check my movements looking for mobility and stability issues.  As is well known these are terribly not kewl around the shoulders and elbows for me.  Always the special case, the class huddles around for the gawk sesh.  He tapes my back chain to the arm chain from the glutes to the back of the triceps near the elbow. It is a big X across the back.  We do more testing and things fire better and move better. This is good for me.  I wore it for a couple days and felt a noticeable improvement in awareness and patterning. My left side has felt shut off as of late meaning my right side is doing way more work. The tape improved left side contribution.


All in all, some nice add-ons to our skills. And honestly, the tools are sweet!


October 17, 2018

  • Activations with rock blade tools.  Been having some visual field issues on my right side.  Basically, my peripheral vision on my right side is not acting correctly. I haven’t been seeing things as clearly. Someone can be on my right and I sense them, but they don’t come into clear vision until a certain point and even then it is fuzzy.  I had Sue and Neal check it and sure enough after a muscle test it was evident.  After some activations, it got better and my muscle test after was much better. Will work on it some more.
  • Training was a hodge-podge of sand dune work.
  • Sand dune side planks, sand dune planks, Sand Dune bird dogs for 3 rounds each. More reps and less static holds on the planks
  • Collage of reverse lunges, regular lunges with kbs, KB double swings in a lunge position (liked these a lot)
  • Regular sumo double swings working up to 72lbs for 3×10. Focused on some knee push outs on each rep.
  • Little heavier sled drag for two laps.


October 16, 2018

  • Three laps regular sled


October 15, 2018

  • Few activations


October 13, 2018

  • Training
  • Activations
  • Reverse Hypers 5 pre, 1 long set post
  • Straight bar squat. the hip is still complaining a bit so mostly rep work at 325×8,10,10,10
  • Broke out the Power Pole for some bulgarians splits (my version) 3×6 to 8 a leg x 4 rounds. Tried a couple of rounds of sissys holding the mono straps like a hatfield squat but the power pole kept trying to slip off.  Called it a day there.
  • Almost the worst sled idea ever (meaning I have done dumber work) Took the sled with 2.5 plates to start for a bit on backwards duck walk and realized it would be the worst day ever if I went all the way around so pulled the 25lb off and did one full lap encompassing:
  • 15 to 25 feet backwards duck walk
  • Forward over the shoulder for 75 to 100ft
  • Regular backwards walk with the upper body strap slipped over the top of my hands to limit grip work. for 30 to 50ft.
  • This took about 35 to 40 mins. More than I wanted but quads hips and lungs were on fire with many head hangs and prayers to just finish.  Once I had a pattern set, it was the constant edge of nausea the rest of the way.  Waves of controlled stomach turn-ey as usual, I recommend it highly.


October 8, 2018

  • Activations with tim tam. Hanging on band. Even wrapped with compression band and finally some BT work. Still sore from Saturday and Wednesday leg work. This helped a lot
  • Three laps sled drag


October 7, 2108

  • Two laps sled drag


October 6, 2018

  • Activations with Tim Tam
  • Reverse Hypes 5 sets prior, 3 sets post
  • Free squatted for the first time in a while since the hip bitchin’  24 sets in 15 minutes. Goal was to try and average a set every 15 seconds so two a minute.  So, 24 in 12 + 3 minutes. Ha   235x6x6,195x8x8, 145x10x10
  • Leg extension 10×10 with 15 seconds rest a set.


October 5, 2018

  • Activations with Tim tam and boomstick
  • One arm band pulldowns with a hold 5 sets each arm
  • Chest supported rows 10×10
  • Pec deck. Started at 1/3ish of stack working down at 20 reps a weight till the last one and only got 10 before it gave out.


— end the article —

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