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Amish-Cox Chain Strap (A-C Strap)


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Amish-Cox Chain Strap (A-C Strap)

The Amish-Cox Chain Strap, or A-C Strap, is another unique tool for 5/8 chain work. Named after Agent David John Smith(the Amish beard) and Stephen Cox, this chain strap was conceptualized from our looper strap tech which was designed for easy chain loading on the squat and bench, but not usable on the deadlift.
For years, we have had variations , both metal and webbing, that never seemed quite right either being either cumbersome to use ,bunching up under the plates or you simply couldn’t load enough. The A-C Strap has made this quest for chain loading a easier and simpler process. It slips easily on and off the end of the bar. We recommend using a spring collar on the end to keep the strap on the very end of the barbell which also keeps the chain from slipping under the plates when you set the bar down. Under testing, 315lb to 495lb,works well for bar weight. Anything beyond five plates may cause some chain to go under the plates.

The A-C strap has 6 loops that can hold two 5/8 chain each for 12 chain total per side. We added a side saddle strap that can hold 6 chain plus extra per side if 12 chain isn’t enough! This Side saddle strap also enables you to use it on the bench press as well as attaching handles to it for rows, triceps , curls and many other exercises. This makes it quite a utility tool.

-Designed for deadlifting with chains
-Fits snugly on end of barbell but slips off and on easily. Held in place with any style collars.
-6 Main loops holding two 5/8” chain each for 12 chain capacity per side. Side saddle large loop holding 6+ chains more per side.
-Unique design to keep the chains closer to the bar so you get more chain reloading and deloading during the lift.
-Can be used on bench press or as a stand alone utility tool for rows, tricep, curls etc.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2 in

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