Mwaage is what bwings us togever today

Mwaage is what bwings us togever today

Mwaage is what bwings us togever today

Way far behind…

Monday, October 9th

* 1 lap with the prowler with 45 lbs. on each arm. It took about 14:50.


Tuesday, October 10th

* Squats – regular old straight bar squats. I worked up to 175 lbs. for sets of 5 focusing on going down in the hole really deeply for a slight pause
* 1 lap carrying the keg


Wednesday, October 11th

* 2 Laps with the prowler with 25 lbs. on each arm


Thursday, October 12th

* Bench press with the Duffalo Bar. I worked up to 5 sets of 6 with 120 lbs.
* Overhead triceps extentions with the Boomstick – 4 sets of 12
* 2 laps with the keg


Friday, October 13th

* 7 laps with the prowler


Monday, October 14th

* 1 lap with the prowler with 45 lbs. on each arm. IN THE RAIN which sucks. Not only does the friction force increase but you have to be very careful not to slip and bang your knee on the ground.


Tuesday, October 15th

* Hack Squat for 10 sets of 10 reps. 3 sets with no weight. 3 sets with + 45 lbs. 4 sets of +90 lbs.
* Light leg press for sets of 20 – going really deep down, knees on chest. Worked up to 5 plates total for 5 sets of 20.


Wednesday, October 16th

* Normally would have been a prowler day but the prowler is broken. The welds on both back arms have split. I guess it is from Marcs over zealous use. So we can’t use it until someone fixes the welds which will hopefully be this weekend.
* 1 lap with the framers walk (about 100 lbs. each). I forgot to bring chalk so my grip was the limiting factor. I could only go about 40 paces before I had to put them down.
* 1 lap with the keg. The funny thing about the keg is that it is really hard but I can’t figure out why. After about 50 paces I have to put it down and rest. Not because my legs hurt, not because I am out of breath, not because my hips and back fatigue. It is more just an over stimulated brain and CNS and I can’t go any further.


This past Sunday our local movie theater was showing The Princess Bride for the 30th Anniversary of the movie’s premiere. A group of us went, and one of my friends had never seen it before so we wanted her to see it on the big screen. She was a bit underwhelmed….while I was overcome with emotion. The Princess Bride is one of my top 5 favorite movies of ALL TIME. Everything in it is just so perfect. I forgot how perfect Cary Elwes is and just how beautiful Robin Wright was with these cute little freckles dotting her perfect little nose. And of course Andre the Giant. (Could an early love of Andre the Giant and Dusty Rhodes been the kick off to my love of big strong guys????). And Mandy Patinkin??? Its just PREFECTION!!!


But the weirdest thing is that after seeing this movie I love, with friends I love, going to eat pizza that I love I felt….blah. I got home and was just blah. Like I had nothing. I think that the reminiscing just made me sad instead of happy. I am not sure why? The movie was just as fabulous as it always is. All my favorite parts still made me smile, and laugh and even tear up a bit. So I can’t really explain why I was so down when I got home. I just sat on the couch watching TV in silence and then went to bed early.


Boy, emotions are hard sometimes.


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