Hitting the Ground and Busting a Knee

Hitting the Ground and Busting a Knee

Hitting the Ground and Busting a Knee

The Story:

Saturday, I had some cortisone shots in my back to calm some of the inflammation down. Everything seemed fine. I laid off training for a couple days to let it do its work. I went to bed feeling okay but not great mentally from another bout of stress during the week.  Woke up and got up as usual. Having to brace up to get out of bed since the ongoing nerve issue in my back.  I was up earlier than usual so I thought that I should lay down for another minute or two.  Normally, I pick my knee up, put it on the bed and pull myself up. We have a king size bed and it is higher than normal and when I went to get on it my knee stalled right at parallel. I needed to go a bit more, but it did not respond. I finally got on the bed but my anxiety had ramped up and I decide to just go on to work and ‘narco’ nap in the truck.


I had two thoughts racing around in my head:

  1. Should I get my wife up and go to the emergency room ’cause this ain’t right?
  2. Am I going to make it to work?


Lots of other crazy shit rolls around in my brain, you know how anxiety is.  I hate the thought of being a burden on anyone.  So off to work I went. I was about 20 minutes earlier than usual so I got almost an hour nap in the truck before I had go inside.  I did not think I would nap at all. I got out of the truck and hit the ground wondering if my leg would buckle everything just felt weak. But, when I got out of the truck I felt okay. The dumpster area is behind the gym and on Sunday night the dumpster gets emptied. The guy is lazy and never closes the door after he picks up, so I dropped my bag of crap at the door and headed to the dumpster to tidy up. I didn’t think about it at all and stepped off the curb and my leg buckled and suddenly I was on the ground. My first thought was whether I was going to be able to get up or will I have to call the ambulance, it was 5:35 in the morning.  I rolled up and managed to get to my feet okay.  My legs felt ok except for the hole below my knee cap. I close the GD doors to the dumpster and contemplate whether I can make it around on my walk.  I decided that the walk might get the blood moving and my legs working again.  I manage it with tight stiff steps all the way around.


When I got into the gym and let the cats out of their 3-story crate and think about whether I will be able to get up when I lean over to feed them. I survived feeding the cats and then the rest of opening duties.  I did some activations to see if that would help and it did, so I tentatively did some upper body work.  Lots of machine pressing and pulling. I nervously keep checking things and between the upper work and this I passed the time texting my doctor trying to decide if I needed emergency care. I thought maybe I was still having numbness from the shot, but he said that usually passed an hour after the shots.  He thought it might be a disc issue and that we just needed to keep an eye on it.  I am scheduled to go to the ortho next week so for now I am heading to the chiropractor.


I remember a long time ago when I was messing with my little brother. We were playing on a roof at the high school next to our house. I decided to start throwing rocks at him because I thought I was more accurate than him. He was not a sports kid and if you watched you would think he didn’t know how his arm worked. Well we get to tossin’ stones and I whizzed a few past him. When he threw the rock was nowhere near me but for fun I dove behind a short wall. I popped up to strike at him again just in time to see him launch a stone at me and before I know what has happened, he konks me on the head and I am knocked out for a second.  All the big kids down on the football field started laugh. Pretty much like that line in the movie Friday: “He got knocked the F#%k out!”  I still have some of the knot to this day. I never really got in a rock tossin’ contest with my brother again. No moral to this story except that is how I felt when I hit the ground this morning.


Just remember how much we take our bodies for granted and that they will always work.  I laid in bed the other night and thought about how I hit the ground pretty much instantly. I landed on the hard, pointed part at the top of the tibia. When I was 20 years old I put down flooring. It was a tough job and that pointed spot grew a lot compared to most people as a reaction to being on my knees all the time.  It is very dense. I landed right on that. Imagine if I had hit higher or lower. Would have probably broken the cap or tibia.  Lucky yes, but hard work and building up your body is also a nice insurance policy when things go wrong.


The Training:

October 12, 2019

(1) 20 minute walk


Lots of band leg movement lying down.


October 13, 2019


(2) 10 mins walks

Good bit of lying leg movements with band


October 14, 2019


(3) 10 min walks

* Light upper machine work with about 10 sets each

* Chest Press, Seated rows, pulldowns and pushdown

* Lots of band leg movements lying down


October 15, 2019

(4) 10 min walks


Band stretching


October 16, 2019

  • Activations with 10 min BT on guts
  • Leg press 4×50
  • Reverse hypers BW 4×8


October 17, 2019

(3) 10 min walk


October 19, 2019

  • Walked about 30 pre guy’s training
  • Went to Doc on Saturday morning to get some cortisone shots to speed up recovery.  He recommended not training for a couple days so just helped the dudes finish up squatting.
  • Activatons
  • 10 mins of stairs, (1) 20 min walk


October 20, 2019

  • Activations post walking and helping dudes
  • About an hour of walking. Second day after getting in the zone with some cortisone shots.  Doc said hold off training for a couple of days.  Felt pretty good considering the stress levels from all the events and back troubles.


— end the article —

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