The Godfather of All Wall Collapses

The Godfather of All Wall Collapses

April 28th

  • Reverse hypers 4×20
  • GHR sit ups 6×8
  • Yoke singles working up a pad each set for 18 reps, then added a plate and went down a pad for 18 reps.
  • Sled drag two laps


April 29th

  • Two full laps sled drag with new sled dragging strap. One with two plates. One with one plate


April 30th

  • Light activations
  • Push-ups off suspension straps 20 sets of 10
  • Half get ups non-stop for 10 mins
  • Kb floor press 10×10
  • Kb poloquinish flyes off the floor
  • Sand dune high steps with monster mini wrapped around me 5 x as long as I could go


Protein Wall Catastrophe

So, Saturday I was at the gym. Most everyone was out of town and I opened and run the gym as usual. I plodded through some training that turned out pretty decent. I wasn’t and haven’t still gotten back into training plus for two weeks. I have been hacking up brown phlegm and blood.  It was lessening but still messing with me.  I wasn’t able to get to the ENT till this past Monday and now I am back on the antibiotic train.  But, back to Saturday, I wasn’t feeling anything but managed some light work.  My plan was to leave about 12:30 which is my normal time but Chauncey came by so we were hanging out front BS’in.  Some cats on their choppers had just left and we were talking (little gossiping).  While I was talking to him I said, “Man, it is really cool to have your own place and be able to enjoy it.” We were standing by the front door outside and at that very second after I said it, we heard a mighty GD crash inside and I look at him and say well that can’t be good.  The crash is surreal and I had no idea what could have happened


We go back in and look around and I then look over at my giant wall of protein in our brand new store that is barely 4 months old and the wall is GONE!  Stunned I walked over as everyone around the gym came up to see  that 3/4 of the wall slat and shelving was the floor with probably 150 to 200 plus cans of protein are on the floor. Miraculously no one was over there as I am sure they would have been severely hurt by all of this falling in a 6 to 8 foot area.  I walked back and forth and put my hand on my head in disbelief at the mess.  (This is the same head slapping the wife does and it was the greatest cat in history, Oatmeal’s favorite thing to do when you messed with him.


Amazingly lots of members started helping to move and pick up things..including Chauncey! It took about 45mins to clean up with everyone’s help and then about another hour for cleaning spilled protein powder which if you know protein powder you know it is a sticky mess out the can. We had a lot dented cans but really, only loss about 3 cans of protein. No idea how that happens but I am grateful.


After all was said and done, I start inspecting the area where the wall was.  Now I spent a lot of money to have it professionally installed.  Because when I put things up it can be a 50/50 shot how long it will hold.  I get to looking at it and notice on each 8 foot sheet at least 2 wall studs were not used to secure the slat wall.  Additionally, the tops of each sheet were not screwed in all.  I surmise the top shelves gave and took the rest of the wall down.  I look up the tape and watch it several times and sure enough you see the top shelves drop down on the protein on the next shelf and then the cascade happened and all the protein and shelves fail. It all happened in about 2 to 3 seconds. If you look at facebook, you see these videos all the time where a guy hits one thing and like dominos fall take a whole warehouse down. This is what it looked like.


The construction company is taking care it and that is fine. They are reinforcing the rest of the store as well.  I guess what bothers me the most is the god damn shelf gremlins will not leave me alone at least for a few years.  I don’t know which Gods I have to appease to free me of this but for now it is still an ongoing battle.  Lady Luck is still mad at me apparently.


— end the article —

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