Super Econo Low Pulley System


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    Super Econo Low Pulley System

    The new Super Econo Low Pulley System is a synergistic complement to the Super Econo Upper Tricep/Lat Pulley System to do lower cable exercises. We updated the pulley with the same nylon pulley with metal casing and the iconic “S” cut into the metal. The updated nylon pulley makes for an even smoother pulley cable motion.

    The addition of a lower pulley system drastically increases the number of training exercises that can be done while still maintaining a low amount of space in your home gym or training facility.

    The Super Econo Low Pulley System is NOT a standalone unit. It works in conjunction with the Super Econo Upper Pulley System to create a complete pulley system much like a cable crossover where you can do your upper work and then hook up the lower system to do low cable work. So whether you’re doing a curl or setting up a belt squat, the Super Low Pulley System can handle it!

    -75” nylon cable designed for 6’ to 7’ rack heights(Custom cable lengths available for an additional fee. Please allow up to two weeks for the fabrication of custom cables)
    -Comes with Deluxe Hamstinger
    -Comes with One 22” Stump Strap(endless loop)
    -2 ¾ inch Swivel Eye Nylon pulley
    -2 3/8(10MM) carabiners
    -Weight Capacity 550lb
    -Only comes in black

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    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in