Neck Harness


Whether you need a strong neck for the sport you play or you just like to have a freaky strong neck, the Spud Inc. neck harness is for you. Made from soft 1 inch webbing, the Spud Inc. Neck Harness is one of the most comfortable and durable harnesses on the market today. Made with adjustable industrial Velcro, this neck harnesses fits most head sizes. Designed to get your neck strong and be comfortable while doing it, The Spud Inc. Neck Harness can be used to perform traditional weighted neck exercises or you can get creative with it and pull the sled or use bands with it too. The possibilities are endless.

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Neck Harness

Whether you need a strong neck for your sport, or you just want a freaky strong neck, the Spud Inc. Neck Harness can get you there. Made from soft but extremely durable webbing and fully adjustable via industrial-strength Velcro, the Neck Harness is the strongest, most comfortable neck trainer out there.

Perform traditional neck exercises by attaching the harness to plate weight, or get creative with bands, sleds and anything else you can think of.


– Made in America

– Nylon Material

– 30″ x 2″


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