Men’s Deadlift Belt 2-ply


The deadlift belt is great for deadlifting because it doesn’t cut into your hips or stomach at the bottom of a deadlift like a leather belt does.

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    Men’s Deadlift Belt 2-ply

    Deadlifting in a traditional leather belt just sucks. Tighten it to where you need it and it cuts into your stomach or stops you from reaching the bar. Loosen it up and it doesn’t give you the support you need.

    The Spud Inc. Deadlift Belt is made from a soft, flexible 2-ply or 3-ply webbing that has enough give to stay out of your way but is as tough as any leather belt you’ve ever worn. The attached strap and ring make tightening and loosening this belt effortless, while the industrial-strength Velcro keeps it tight while you lift.


    Note: Measure the area of the stomach where the belt will be work with a relaxed stomach (not sucked in or pushed out). Subtract 2″ from that measurement to find your belt size on the chart. Ex: Belly measures 36″ – 2″ = 34″, which is in the Large size range.

    If you are in between sizes, need a custom belt or have questions, please email us at

    Small: 25″ – 28″

    Medium: 28″ – 32″

    Large: 33″ – 38″

    XL: 38? – 44″

    2XL: 44″ – 50″

    Custom Size: 25″ or 50″


    – Made in America

    – Woven Nylon

    – Men’s: 28″-50″ x 4″



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    2XL (waist 44 – 50 inches), LARGE (waist 33 – 38 inches), MEDIUM (waist 27 – 32 inches), SMALL (waist 25 – 28 inches), X-LARGE (waist 38-44 inches)