Grips and Ribbs Deadlift Straps


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    Grips and Ribbs Deadlift Straps

    The Grips and Ribs Deadlift Strap is another addition to the many styles of deadlift straps Spud Inc carries. Always inspired by performance and quality first, the Grips and Ribs are no different. The bar side is a thick cotton for maximum grab and bite old school style when pulling. The other side is ribbed for your pleasure, not what you are thinking, but meaning hand comfort with more surface for the fingers and hand to secure to. The straps are 1.5” inches wide x 24” I inches long. In this new age world, these deadlift straps create a new level so you’ll be comfy and safe pulling ‘dem big weights.


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    Weight .5 lbs
    Dimensions 3 × 5 × 3 in

    Black, Blue, Red