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Gorilla Finger Handles


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Gorilla Finger Handles

The Gorilla Finger Handles are an entirely new form of cable handle attachment by Spud Inc. These handles are only made of nylon, they have a large heavy duty ring designed to wedge into the hand for larger surface contact. This leads to a better grip with minimal exhaust to the forearms thus keeping more pressure on the muscle groups you are focusing on.
This discovery was found by accident while using another Spud Inc. product. The human body will adapt to anything imposed on it and find the most mechanically advantageous way to perform the exercise for each person based on their skills. Often with a lot of other harder plastic or metal handle attachments, you manipulate your body to perform the exercise which may not be optimal training on the muscle groups you are after, in other words.

The Gorilla Fingers bends with your hands optimizing leverage. Like most Spud Inc products, you can do more exercises than other handles offering you quick change over to a variety of exercises almost instantly instead of taking one handle off and changing it out. Being almost all nylon and sewn with industrial thread, these handles are pretty much always going to be in your corner supporting your goals.

Weighing less than a 1.45 lb total for both handles with the super heavy duty rings at half of that weight, the Gorilla fingers are light but ultra heavy duty taking up little room in your gym bag or fanny pack if you are that person. They give you two different grip options with a total strap length of about 12” after use. This length offers you more hand and wrist space for training.

Face it, who doesn’t want the hand strength of a gorilla. Check out the new Gorilla Finger Handles from Spud Inc.

-Handle and strap length 10” to 12 “
-Large attachment ring
-Two grip styles with handle length 8” total
-Handle can be moved along attachment strap and ring

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If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to call us 803-788-2852 or message us visiting our Contact page. For instructional videos, check us out on YouTube and don’t forget to give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram!

Additional information

Weight 1.45 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 3 in

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