Big Hoss Belt


The spud, Inc. speed belt is made tough and durable to take years of abuse by athletes pushing themselves and their gear to the max. Made from comfortable 4″ wide durable woven nylon, this belt will be the most comfortable belt you own.

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    Big Hoss Belt

    Designed with larger athletes in mind, the Big Hoss Agility Belt provides the extreme support of a traditional weightlifting belt but can be used to perform dozens of exercises via the attached rings.

    With four delta rings found around the belt, athletes can attach sleds, bands and anything else they can think of to perform dozens of speed, strength and conditioning exercises: forwards, backwards or side-to-side.

    Made from comfortable but tough 4″ wide woven nylon, the Big Hoss Belt features a fast-release push button buckle that is as easy to get in and out of as it is strong. This belt won’t wear out whether you’re going for a max squat or pulling a Mack Truck.


    Note: Measure the area of the stomach where the belt will be work with a relaxed stomach (not sucked in or pushed out). Subtract 2″ from that measurement to find your belt size on the chart. Ex: Belly measures 36″ – 2″ = 34″, which is in the Large size range.

    If you are in between sizes, need a custom belt or have questions, please call or email us at or 803-788-2852

    Small: 25″ – 28″

    Medium: 28″ – 32″

    Large: 33″ – 38″

    XL: 38″ – 44″

    2XL: 44″ – 50″

    Custom Size: 25″ or 50″


    – Made in America

    – Length: 28″ – 50″

    – 4″ Woven Nylon


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    2XL (waist 44 – 50 inches), LARGE (waist 33 – 38 inches), MEDIUM (waist 27 – 32 inches), SMALL (waist 25 – 28 inches), X-LARGE (waist 38-44 inches)