Pole Sitter Magic Carpet Sled (ACFT Class)


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    Pole Sitter Magic Carpet Sled (ACFT Class)

    The Pole Sitter Magic Carpet is part of the ACFT class of sleds designed to withstand the impact of the ACFT testing standards. The Dually Class was the first to address the rigors of the testing standards and is well prepared for those obstacles-you can say overprepared. The Pole Sitter, made to lead the pack, with a sleeker and easier to load bumper plates loading pin. The pin is reinforced by two added support strips. The addition of the loading pin allowed the tie down strap to be moved to the front of the sled so the pressure is taken completely off this securing strap. The handle strap is built in eliminating the need for two pieces of equipment as with the Dually class.

    *These features allow for less resets of as in the past increasing pull times and decreasing discrepancies in testing time issues.

    *Reinforcement of critical points are added for a longer lifespan of the sled.

    *The Loading Pin System is 8 inches so loading capacity will depend on what plates and/or bumpers you use. Safe loading capacity can vary from 90lb(really wide bumper-3 ¼”) to 300lb(2.5 inch steel 100lb plates)

    *The Pole Sitter Magic Carpet is a PATENT pending design by Spud Inc

    Basically, the Pole Position Magic Carpet is just that, at the front of the race and it comes down just the who is the best driver with the fastest time!
    If you ain’t first, you’re last!

    Order yours today!

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    Our nylon sleds are not meant to be used with cast iron plates.

    Weight 5.3 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 20 × 3 in

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