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Strongman Training

Men’s Pro Series Belt 2-ply


Men’s Pro Series Belt 2-ply

Step up to the Cadillac of Deadlift belts with the Spud Inc. Pro series.

This belt will quickly be your favorite belt for squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and Strongman!

The … Read More →

Women’s Pro Series Belt 2-ply


Women’s Pro Series Belt 2-ply

The Spud Inc. Women’s Pro Series belt will quickly be your favorite for Powerlifting, Strongman or anything else you do in the gym.

Just like the Men’s Pro Series Belt, … Read More →

Flex Core Belt


Flex Core Belt

The Spud, Inc. Flex Core Belt has a rubber core material to make lifting more comfortable. Leather lifting belts have a stiffness and lack of give with some people that can limit … Read More →

Sled Attachment Strap


Sled Attachment Strap

Traditional cables and chains take up valuable space in your gym, are difficult to attach and remove from your sled, and wear out over time. The Spud Inc. Sled Attachment Strap is … Read More →

Strongman Tow Strap ( One Hook/ Two Hook)


Strongman Tow Strap

This product is design to be used with the Spud Inc. Strongman Harness.

The Spud Inc. Strongman Tow Strap is built to withstand the heaviest of truck pulls. The Tow Strap is … Read More →


Utility Deadlift Belt 3-ply


Women’s Deadlift Belt 3-ply

The Spud Inc. Women’s Deadlift Belt 3 Ply is just as good as the Men’s version, only better.

The Spud Inc. Women’s 3-ply Deadlift Belt is 3″ wide to avoid pinching … Read More →

The Lock Down Belt (3-Ply)


The Lock Down Belt

The toughest belt for your heaviest lifts, Spud’s unique 3-Ply woven nylon combined with a Velcro strap moves with your body while providing all the support of stiff leather. The Lock … Read More →

Strap Loading Pin for 1″ Plates


Strap Loading Pin for 1″ Plates

For use with the Spud Inc. Econo Pulley Systems.

This variation of the Loading Strap Pin is designed to handle standard plate weight that has a diameter of 1″. … Read More →

Ox Pull Battle Pack


Ox Pull Battle Pack

The Ox Pull Battle Pack is all you need to see who wants it more. There is nothing like a one on one battle of wills to see what your players … Read More →

Car Carry Strap


Car Carry Strap

If you train strongman then you need this set up. The Spud, Inc. Car Carry Strap is an easy to use set up to train for a car carry event without the … Read More →

Axle Straps (PAIR)


Axle Straps (PAIR)

The Spud Inc. Axle Wrist Straps come in at 30″ in length, plenty to wrap around even the largest of axle deadlift bars. Designed with strongmen in mind, the Axle Wrist Straps … Read More →

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