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Strongman Tow Strap ( One Hook/ Two Hook)


The Spud, Inc. Truck attachment strap is designed for heavy truck pulling with the Spud, Inc. Strongman Harness. It allows for fast and easy attachment to the truck and competitor. The Truck attachment strap is 18 feet long with a ring on each end to allow for a snap ring to securely attach to the truck and competitor.



Strongman Tow Strap

This product is design to be used with the Spud Inc. Strongman Harness.

The Spud Inc. Strongman Tow Strap is built to withstand the heaviest of truck pulls. The Tow Strap is made from stiff nylon with minimal stretch and comes with a ring on each end to provide a quick and secure hold on athlete and truck alike.

The single-tail strap is 18 feet and features a ring on each end for trucks with one point of attachment.

The split-tail strap is 12 feet long with two feet tails, each with rings for trucks with multiple attachment points.


– Made in America

– Woven Nylon


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