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Murph’s Front Squat Strap (Murph Straps)


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Murph’s Front Squat Strap (Murph Straps)

No one loves to do front squats typically, because you can’t get into the rack position without a lot of pain.  Sure you can cross your arms across your chest if you’re doing them for hypertrophy like a bodybuilder would do and this is fine. But if you’re doing them for strength ,you really what to get that good rack position to lock the bar in and use the elbows which forces  you to keep the bar in place. So, what if you just don’t want to deal with all the pain that comes along with holding the bar well.

Murph, from the famed TPS Sports out of Boston, came up with this strap design that utilizes the simple slip knot on the bar and slide your hand in the loop. This is much easier to deal with the traditional methods like a deadlift strap and holding onto the single strap.

These Murph straps are simpler to use and work best the less pressure you use to hold them. By holding them lightly, you will be able keep the bar in position for the front squat.  These straps mimic a good hand rack position without doing a whole lot with your fingers. You’re going to be doing most of the work with your elbows, shoulders and traps like a regular hand rack position but without the pain.

Leave it to Murph to simply the process and make this a happy programming session instead of Edward Scissorhands grinder. You will be strong and keep your handys happy.


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