One Sled Pulling Belty Strap


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    One Sled Pulling Belty Strap

    The One Sled Pulling Belty Strap is a one piece sled pulling belt with additional length so no sled attachment strap is needed. Spud Inc came up with the self cinching sled pulling belt over a decade ago seeing the need for a belt that would fit a variety of size people and be comfortable conforming to whatever body type it met. Setting the standard as Spud Inc always does has seen the recent resurgence of sled dragging as a therapy for knee rehab and general joint health with the great work from the kneesovertoeguy, Ben Patrick as a example.
    Spud, who learned from the great Louie Simmons many decades ago, set out using the sled for recovery and enhanced conditioning purposes in the late 90s, ran into numerous injuries and surgeries in his powerlifting career began using it for rehab, weight loss, recovery and general training purposes realized a very basic fundamental concept of sled dragging; hundreds of rehab reps without the mundane effort of going to rehab or forcing yourself to do them on your own in the gym. This basic idea shortens the recovery length of any injury by a substantial amount. In the process, he stumbled upon countless varieties of exercise for both upper and lower body.
    Getting back to the The One Sled Pulling Belty Strap, which is a one piece sled pulling belt that is approximately 132”(11M) in total length. 56” of that is a double ply 3” wide belt for maximum comfort around the mid section or at hips depending on wherever you drag at. This leaves over 6 feet of strap to hook to your sled.
    This version allows a smoother pull both backwards, forwards and sideways if you like. Comes with a large carabiner to get you started right away.
    As always, we make our straps bomb proof and built to last many, many, many years. We make straps designed and suited to the training being done meaning they feel right and work right for you in mind. They are made in the US. Things come and go but a Spud Inc Strap is always there for you!


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